Conference ‘Reforms in Christian Marriage and Divorce Laws’ to be held in Islamabad on May 29

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) and the Peoples Commission for Minorities’ Rights (PCMR) will organize a Conference “Reforms in Christian Marriage and Divorce Laws” at Margala Hotel in Islamabad on Wednesday (May 29, 2019).

The Conference will commence at 04:30 pm and conclude at 07:00 pm with Iftar.

Despite Constitutional safeguards for the protection & promotion of minority interests, successive governments in the past have failed to undertake adequate legal, policy and administrative measures to develop personal laws of minorities relating to marriage, divorce & inheritance. Although, recent legislative breakthroughs (Hindu Marriages Act, 2017; Anand Karaj Act, 2017) in the development of personal laws of religious minorities reflect the increased political will of policy-makers, a lot remains to be done.

One major area of concern for minority rights activists & legal experts relate to lacunae within existing the legal framework governing Christian marriages & divorces.

This Conference seeks to bring together relevant stakeholders in the identification of problematic areas of substantive & procedural law in this regard as well as formulating futuristic solutions to address this issue through legislative amendments.