Honda CD 70 Vs United 70cc – Price, Features and Durability

Bikes in PakistanHonda CD 70 Vs United 70cc - Price, Features and Durability

Honda CD 70 vs United 70cc



The Pakistani automobile market is very much dominated by backbone-styled bikes. Because of the congested roads and middle-class communities, bikes remain more functional than cars. Among the bikes, Honda CD 70 and United 70cc are two of the best sellers in the market. The Honda CD 70 2023 price in Pakistan is higher than the United 70cc price. They are close competitors in Pakistan that confuse customers regarding making the best decision. But, we are here to ease your decision by providing the specifications, durability, resale and brand value, and pros and cons of each bike. So, look into Honda CD 70 vs United 70cc.

Honda CD 70 Vs United 70cc

The price of the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is Rs. 121,500. On the other hand, United 70cc is comparatively cheaper, with a price rate of PKR 81,500. United 70cc is what you should opt for if you are looking for an economical option.

Honda CD 70 and United 70cc are a lot similar in their engine displacement, dimensions, fuel average, and much more. However, there are slight changes.



Honda CD 70 vs United 70cc Honda CD 70 vs United 70cc

Both bikes have a backbone-style frame. They are available in two different colours: Red and Black. The dry weight of Honda CD 70 is 82kgs while the weight of United 70CC is 88kgs. So, Honda wins in the handling on the road because of its comparatively lightweight.

Customers who go for styles like United 70cc are better because Honda CD 70 has the same old backbone style with no significant changes in style.


Both of the bikes have a 4-stroke air-cooled single cylinder. Honda CD 70 can produce a horsepower of 5.1 HP @ 7500.0 RPM and a Torque of 5.0 Nm @ 5500.0 RPM. United 70CC can produce a horsepower of 7.0 HP @ 7000.0 RPM and a torque of 6.6 Nm @ 6500.0 RPM. The engine in United 70CC stays more powerful than Honda CD 70.

The top speed of both bikes is the same at 80 KM/H.

Fuel average

Honda stays ahead of United in terms of fuel average. The fuel capacity in Honda CD 70 is a little less at 8.5L than United 70CC’s 9L. However, the fuel average is different. Honda gives a fuel average of 55 KM/L and United gives an average of 50 KM/L.

Resale Value and Maintenance

The resale value of Honda is higher than United because Honda is a more renowned brand for its durability and low maintenance cost. However, United does not give a resale value because of low demand. If you want to get more out of your purchase, then Honda CD 70 is your option.

When it comes to maintenance, United is hard to maintain because the spare parts of United are not easily available in the market. However, Honda CD 70 is much more popular thus spare parts are also available readily.

This was all about Honda CD 70 vs United 70cc. The decision is customer-oriented by keeping in mind different aspects of these both because everyone has different preferences.


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