Cold weather increase ‘dry fruits’ demand in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: With the advent of winter season the consumption and demand of dry fruit has increased as many vendors can be observed selling the seasonal delight at various spots all over the Country.

The trend of eating dry fruits remains throughout the year but dramatically increases during the winter season. Not only that but the business is far better and greater than that in summer.

The demand and supply of these dry fruits increases in the winter. In Pakistan, dry fruits usually come from areas like Quetta, Chaman, Loralai, Bannu, Gilgit, Skardu, and Cholistan, wherein Quetta is the biggest supplier in Pakistan.

However, according to market experts and wholesalers, Afghanistan and Iran remain the biggest suppliers of dry fruits especially pistachios and almonds.

Usman Ali, a wholesaler says that the trade increases in winters and the sale is much higher than expected. Talking about the quality of dry fruits, he said that those dry fruits, which come from Afghanistan, are of the best quality. “From Afghanistan, these dry fruits are brought to Quetta, then sorted and distributed to different cities.

As wholesalers, we sell it at a lesser price. When it is brought to the market, it is sold at retail price, which is much higher” he explained.

Many street carts full of dry fruits can be seen parked in number of localities, which is not a common sight throughout the rest of the year. Shopkeeper says that these vendors have varying prices of dry fruits due to the quality and sometimes because of the area they are doing their business in, but insisted that most of the time they have high prices.

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A street cart vendor said that the prices are high in summers and comparatively cheaper in winters. “Due to short supply of dry fruits in summers prices are high.

However, great deal of supply in winters, decreases the rates,” he said.

“I like winter season as we enjoy dry fruits sitting in cosy quilts while watching television or having interaction with our family members in the evening,” Sana Azam, a student remarked.

“We enjoy dry fruits while doing different activities on weekends and during long winter vacation when all my cousins and relatives come to enjoy winter vacation here with us,” Saqib Danish said.

Many doctors and nutritionists give advice to their patients to use dry fruits for better and complete diet.

They said dry fruits are helpful in many problems of winter season like colds, flu, cholesterol levels problem and for all kind of diseases.


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