Coke Studio Season 11 Track “Allah Karesi” By Attahullah Khan Esakhelvi & Sanwal Esakhelvi

By Sana Haroon


“Coke Studio Season 11” has launched its third Episode on Friday (August 24, 2018). The second track “Allah Karesi” has featured Attahullah Khan Esakhelvi along with his son Sanwal Esakhelvi. Unique yet familiar tone of folk and vocals have settled themselves into a vehement soundscape.

The duo of father and son “Allah Karesi” is a combination of fusion of folk and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The mixture of western music with a flavor of orchestral sound will let you experience a different style of theme.

The track is originally sang by Attahullah Khan himself. Coke Studio has brought a unique flavor to Punjabi Saraiki culture song. This track has inspired a generation and now Coke Studio has merged something new which is happening in the west. 

“Allah Karesi” is a second duo of Sanwal Esakhelvi and Attahullah Khan Esakhelvi. They made their first appearance together with “Sab Mayaa Hai” in “Coke Studio Season 10”. That song was a journey towards uncovering the truths.

In the previous episode, Attahullah Khan recorded “Gaddiye” along with Asrar. The track was a fire cracker and liked by many people. It was a Punjabi track and had a groove sound with the combination of Dhol.

Attahullah Khan Esakhelvi is traditionally known as Saraiki artist but his albums are composed in Punjabi as well. In 2011, he made his first debut in Coke Studio and sang “Nai Oothaan Waale” and “Pyaar Naal”.

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