Coke Studio 11 releases its first Episode’s Behind the Scenes


By Sana Haroon

The 11th Season of the most anticipated and forthcoming Pakistan television series “Coke Studio” has finally released its first episode’s Behind the Scenes (BTS).

The first trailer of 11th Season was released in the previous month of July which marked a strong comeback with its opening track “Hum Dhekhenge” by “Faiz Ahmed Faiz”. The wonderful rendition featured all artists who will give a debut in upcoming season. The 11th Season of the Coke Studio Series is produced by Ali Hamza and Zohaib kazi.

The upcoming tracks of first Episode of Coke Studio Season 11 includes a strong poetry “Shikwa/Jawab-e-Shikwa” by “Allama Iqbal” in the voice of Fareed Ayaz, Natasha Baig along with Abu Mohammad Qawwal and brothers. “Baalkada” has been sung by Lucky and Naghma accompanied by Jimmy Khan.

Young Desi and Lyari Underground (L.U.G) will add a diverse flavor with “Rap Hai Saara”. Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi have also set the stage for “Main Irada” featuring Hania Aslam, Rachel Viccaji, Shamu Bai along with Ariana and Amrina. 

Coke Studio (One Nation, One Spirit, One Sound) is the Pakistani platform which covers live Studio recorded performances. And with its every new Season, it brings new talent, aptitude and entirely different experience of music. After seen all A-listers of Pakistani Music Industry including Abida Parveen, Arif Lohar, Ali Zafar, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Atif Aslam, Abrar-Ul- Haq, Ali Azmat and Sajjad, Ali-Coke Studio has promoted new and young talent as well.

The most thrilling and inspiring step taken by Coke Studio is to promote Trans genders. Coke Studio Season 11 has presented a transgender duet too featuring Naghma and Lucky.

After releasing the trailer, the audience is eagerly waiting for the debut. Well the Coke Studio has stayed true to its words and has brought diversity, equality and the message of peace.

Apart from it, the 11th installment has featured 39 artists which include 26 solo artists, eights bands and five duos.

If we talk about the diversity, Coke Studio looks promising as it has featured new talent, unexpected faces and completely different version of music among the biggies of Pakistan.

Before the launch of Season 11, Coke Studio introduced a new segment in which producers travelled various parts of Pakistan to explore the hidden talent and voices of the nation. It was a five-Episode Series. They travelled to all four provinces of Pakistan and Kashmir, and discovered really unique kind of music culture.

They found amazing voices in the village of Sindh, two 16 years old girls, Amrina and Ariana from Kalash, throat singers Darehan, Shayan and Mangal from Sohbatpur District, Balochistan. They also discovered a fusion band and fifth collaboration was a Pakistani born-Canadian Mishal Khawaja.

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