CM Balochistan seeks promotion of education

QUETTA, Pakistan: Chief Minister Balochistan, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch Saturday said that education is the only option to get rid of poverty and backwardness.

“Education is our weapon and we all should play our crucial role for the promotion of education in Balochistan by forgetting our personal differences,” he added.

He expressed these views while addressing to the prize distribution ceremony of Dar-e-Arqam school at Boys Scout, here.

Chief Minister Balochistan said that we had no other option except getting education for development. I throughout my political career felt that poverty and illiteracy were our main enemies and we need to get united to defeat poverty and illiteracy, he added.

Lauding the role of Dar-e-Aqram schools for promoting education in the province, Malik Baloch said that we want to promote education across the province and those who were busy in promotion of education deserve utmost appreciation.

“We took serious steps for promotion of education during past two and half year and discouraged cheating in exams and absenteeism in educational institutions,” he said.

He said that we need to focus upon education of our children and appealed the parents to seriously look after their children at home so that they could grow with getting good manners and education.

Chief Minister said that coalition government introduced National Testing Service (NTS) in the province upon which deserving and hardworking candidates were recruited who even could never have thought of getting job without a source and influence.

“We also restructured Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) due to which capable and deserving candidates are being recruited,” he said, adding that I had not asked for even a single recruitment neither to NTS nor BPSC because I am accountable before God.

He said that there should be justice in the society and people should get their rights and as when you deliver justice your conscious would be satisfied.

“During my period I strived hard to serve the masses and would continue to serve the people in future either,” he added.

Malik Baloch said that his coalition government brought reforms in education, health and police and the people of Balochistan were the protector of these reforms.

“We are on the top of list in poverty therefore we need to strive hard in getting education, and the investors of Balochistan should invest in education,” he added.

He said that Got had gifted mineral resources and coast to Balochistan, and the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor was also passing through Balochistan thus we should set aside all our differences and work for the promotion of education.

He said that we need to set up a culture to end absenteeism from educational insitution and encourage parents to send their children to schools and if they did not do so the society should not view them with

good eyes.

“We all should have to play our role to get rid of backwardness and poverty,” he stressed.

At the end Chief Minister Balochistan distributed prizes and shield among position holder.

Source: APP