Why and How “Clean and Green Pakistan”?

By Shamaila Zoya



Update: Recently Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday launched the Clean Green Pakistan Index Cities Ranking, the Country’s first ever barometer to measure green character and cleanliness of Cities.

Everyone needs a clean and healthy environment to live but unfortunately we are the ones who are doing nothing for it and making it worst day by day. Prophet PBUH said that, “Cleanliness is half of the faith.”We as followers have to implement it in all aspects of our lives. Not only for us but our surroundings, our environment, our country, even our atmosphere.

Pakistan is among the twelve countries suffering badly from pollution. We are the reason for it. Human activities like burning of fossil fuels, throwing trash on road sides, deforestation, excessive use of vehicles and electric appliances, misuse of pesticides, industrial waste all are increasing green house gases in atmosphere which is the main cause of global warming.

The rapid increase in green house effect traps more heat and causes severe climate change. This climate change has the consequences for our food, weather, oceans, health and habitat.  According to National Geographic, ‘due to extreme weather conditions  Ice sheets like Greenland and Antarctica are melting,  the extra water which was once held in glaciers  causes sea levels to rise and spills out of the oceans causing flooding coastal regions’.

It’s a really alarming situation for all. No rain no fertile lands, no fertile lands no food, no food no health. Somewhere we will suffer droughts and somewhere floods. We will be left with nothing but starving faces and diseases.

Being human we are also responsible for the living of other creatures on earth, because our actions are making them suffer too. Land animals and aquatic life is also in danger. Some of them are getting extinct.

Wake up everyone time to change. Precious words by Viktor E Frankl, “When we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Human are the ones, if they can create problems they can combat it. For this we don’t need to plan huge projects on personal level, we just need to be sensitive towards our environment. Small steps will lead us to remarkable change.

Clean and Green Pakistan

As Quaid e Azam said, “It is only with united efforts and faith in our destiny that we shall be able to translate the Pakistan of our dreams into reality.”

The dream of clean Pakistan, will once come true INSHALLAH. By doing some efforts we can create a big difference. Throwing trash in bins, not wasting food, not using extra energy are the small things to do. Polythene bags should be replaced by paper bags, it seems to be an ordinary step but can be very effective for clearing land pollution.

Polythene bags are very harmful they cannot be recycled so we must ban its usage. The biodegradable waste, which can be decomposed in the soil such as left-over food items, peels of fruits and vegetables and non-biodegradable waste such as plastic and glass should be thrown separately. Burial land for animals must be arranged.

Solar and wind energy should be used which do not produce green house gas emissions. Pakistan’s photovoltaic power station in Bahawalpur, Quaid e Azam solar park of 100 MW is working so nothing is impossible. Plants are the backbone of all life on Earth, the most essential resource for human well-being.

We have to plant at least one tree of our behalf and it can be more if we can afford. We decorate our homes with different materials, why not prefer plants. In 2014,  provincial government of KPK PTI had launched

Billion Tree Tsunami campaign

The Billion Tree Tsunami campaign. On government level Initiative has already been taken by the PM Imran Khan. He officially launched the campaign “Clean and Green Pakistan” on 13th October 2018 nationwide.

It is an extremely captivating step by PM Imran Khan for the betterment of Pakistan, we have to take part in this campaign whole heartedly. This campaign not only includes plantation but cleanliness of our surroundings.

Being a responsible citizen of Pakistan our streets, neighborhood, bus stops, stations, markets, parks, hospitals, schools even public toilets all are our duty to be kept clean.

With little efforts we can make our beautiful country clean, more charismatic and appealing to the whole world. Looking forward to “Clean and Green Pakistan.”

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