City Private School Ajman: Providing Quality Education

UAEAjmanCity Private School Ajman: Providing Quality Education

City Private School Ajman


I. Introduction to City Private School Ajman

Year Founded, Address, Overview
School’s Core Values and Beliefs
II. Features and Benefits of City Private School Ajman


Curriculum Structure and Approach
Focus on Holistic Development
Integration with UAE Vision 2023
High Quality Facilities
III. Unique Attributes of City Private School Ajman

Array of Subjects and Extra-Curricular Activities
Emphasis on Hands-on Activities and Practical Learning
No Child Left Behind Policy
IV. Role of Teachers and the Learning Environment

Quality of Teachers and Their Training
Positive and Stimulating Environment
V. Structure and Organization of City Private School Ajman

Gender Segregation
Leadership and Curriculum Overview
Number of Students
VI. Admission Process at City Private School Ajman

General Criteria for Admission
How to Register Online
Age Criteria
Required Documents for Admission

VIII. Conclusion

The Overall Impact and Value of City Private School Ajman
How it Contributes to the Development of Future Global Citizens.

In the heart of the UAE lies the City Private School Ajman, founded in 2016 and situated on Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Road, Al Tallah 2. This school embodies a unique blend of an international perspective with the CBSE Curriculum, designed to help every student reach their full potential. The school environment is caring, secure, and stimulating, fostering overall personality development and highlighting the importance of what we teach and how we teach.

City Private School takes pride in its commitment to Perseverance, Respect, Excellence, Strength, Innovation, Dedication, and Ethics. These values are the backbone of the school’s philosophy and are instilled in students to encourage them to aspire for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

Features and Benefits of City Private School Ajman

It is the largest and most distinguished CBSE School in Ajman, boasting world-class, state-of-the-art facilities. The curriculum covers ten key subjects, including Islamic Education, Arabic, English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, with additional focus on Physical Education, Art, Music, Health Education, Dance, and Drama.

The school’s approach to education emphasizes the holistic development of each child, focusing on their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. This approach fosters the growth of active, creative, and innovative minds balanced with academic excellence and a sense of understanding and compassion for the UAE community.

Unique Attributes

City Private School Ajman

The school thrives on the belief that every child can learn, albeit in their unique way. It offers engaging enrichment programs like Robotics, The Gavel Club, Formula One, and even The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, stimulating children’s interest in various areas.

Sports are also an integral part of the school’s curriculum, emphasizing Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Swimming, Martial Arts, and Athletics. These activities complement the academic focus and help develop practical skills, independence, and self-confidence in students.

Structure and Organization of City Private School Ajman

City Private School Ajman

City Private School offers co-education from KG to Grade 4. From Grade 5 to Grade 12, classes are separated for boys and girls. The school is under the able leadership of Richard Monteiro (Principal), catering to 3200 students.

Admission Process at City Private School Ajman

The admission process ais straightforward. The general criteria include the availability of seats and a good conduct report card from the student’s previous school. Registration can be done online at by completing the form and uploading the necessary documents. The age criteria for admission range from 4 years for KG1 to 17 years for Grade 12.


Who is the principal of City Private School Ajman?

Richard Monteiro is the Principal of City Private School Ajman.

What curriculum does City Private School Ajman follow?

The school follows the CBSE Curriculum.

How many students study at City Private School Ajman?

There are approximately 3200 students at City Private School Ajman.

How old should my child be to join Grade 1 at City Private School Ajman?

For Grade 1, the child should be six years old on 31st March.

How can I apply for admission ?

Admission can be applied online at


City Private School Ajman goes beyond just providing quality education; it aims to shape the young minds of today into independent thinkers and learners of tomorrow. It is an institution that aspires to create confident world-class citizens who positively contribute to society and the world.

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