China opening Khunjerab Border on April 1, 2022

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: China is opening the Khunjerab Border on April 1, 2022 for trade activities, the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Commerce, Textile, Industry and Production, and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood said.


In a statement on Twitter on Tuesday, the adviser said that the opening of the Khunjerab Border will not only help in utilization of the second phase of the Pakistan-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) but it will also support the local commerce on both sides of the border especially the fruit and vegetable exporters from north side of Pakistan.

The adviser urged the exporters to take advantage of this opportunity and increase their exports to China.

It’s worth noting that the Khunjerab Pass, a major trade route between Pakistan and China, was closed in November 2019 to contain the transmission of the Coronavirus between the two Countries, and its closure caused immense financial hardships to the local business community.

It was though temporarily opened between July 29, 2020 and August 10, 2020 to facilitate the transportation of containers loaded with goods.

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