China determined to continue jointly working with Pakistan: Nong Rong

  • Geo-economic only way forward for Pakistan, region, world at large: Mushahid

By Hamid Khan Wazir


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: China is fortunate to have Pakistan as a strategic partner and puts Pakistan on priority for cooperation in all sectors. The Chinese government is overjoyed to see Pakistan’s accomplishments in nation-building and looks forward to working hand in hand with Pakistan.

These were the remarks made by His Excellency Nong Rong, Ambassador of China to Pakistan, while speaking at Imtiaz Gul’s book launch titled “What Lies Behind the Iron Brotherhood?”, organized by the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) here on Thursday.

While commending the author, he noted that the book comprehensively views the age-long Pakistan-China relationship from a broader perspective and serves as a guide to understand the nature of this relationship.

Senator Mushahid Hussain, in his keynote speech during the event, lauded China’s overall progress as a nation. Highlighting the core ingredients of Chinese success; excellent leadership, ability to do course correction, learn from other’s mistakes, and a peaceful foreign policy, he suggested Pakistan to learn from the iron brother and adopt a similar development model.

While congratulating Mr. Gul on writing a book which serves as a milestone in strengthening the ties between two countries, he said that Pakistan and China share an important strategic and substantive relationship which is not interest-driven, it is an all-weather friendship.

Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi, former Ambassador of Pakistan to China, admired Mr. Gul’s effort in penning down this bond to which words cannot fully do justice. She stated that it is a very unique book which doesn’t only provide a chronology of events but also gives the author’s view of the on-ground developments. This book is a narration of Mr. Gul’s unique way of looking at Chinese philosophy and the significance of our friendship with China.

In her keynote speech, she added that such books help clear the global misconceptions about China. Imtiaz Gul, Executive Director, CRSS and author of the book, commended the Chinese policy of peaceful development and the economic significance it holds.

He said that in order to reach the level of success China has attained, Pakistan should learn values like accountability, integrity, people-centric focus, and consistent policies. China’s belief in cooperation has gained it immense economic development.

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