Chilly weather force citizens to buy winter stuff

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Chilly weather forced the citizens to buy winter clothes and other necessary items to face the sudden wave of coldness in the Country.

With temperature dipping down with each passing day, a number of people rushed in markets to purchase woollies and warm clothes especially for kids.

All kinds of wears and accessories including gloves, woolen hats, mufflers, pullovers, sweater-shirts and jackets are seen hanging in front of shops and stalls of weekly bazaars, attracting the customers.

Heaps of readymade quilts, blankets and rugs are also up for sale in the markets and bazaars.

Crowds of people, both poor and middle class can be seen bargaining with retailers in markets and weekly bazaars, besides woollies, heaps of quilts, bed covers, blankets and rugs are up for sale as well.

The vendors and dealers are doing brisk business as nowadays the demand of their clothes has increased manifold.

A shopkeeper Asad Bakir said that jackets, sweaters, mufflers and even woolen socks were in great demand nowadays.

“I have every kind of warm clothing, but mostly people buy wool caps,” a shopkeeper said.

Shopkeepers, taking full advantage of the situation, were selling warm clothing at high profit, knowing the fact that people were bound to buy their merchandise, said a customer Ayesha Ali.

“As the winter arrived I have come here to buy some warm clothes for my family members,” said Saad Islam a customer.

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