Cheetay’s Eid Special – Food and Eidi for all!

Cheetay’s Eid Special - Food and Eidi for all!Cheetay created quite a stir with an exciting campaign this eid by giving out Eidi! For the three days of Eid-ul-Fitr, Cheetay ran an Eidi campaign in Islamabad in collaboration with Ranchers and Mirchi 360! They wanted to keep the spirit of Eid alive and make it special by celebrating it with their customers. All the customers had to do was to place an order for the eid specific deal at Ranchers or Mirchi360 and with their order, they were given an eid card and a crisp PKR 100 note, just like in the good old days!

This unconventional and out of the box marketing campaign garnered considerable attention and was appreciated widely by the residents of Islamabad. The campaign was reminiscent of celebrating eid at a time where eid cards were given with religious fervor and a 100 rupee note as eidi would be enough to make your eid worth it.

Cheetay is always looking to up the ante with its marketing campaigns as they strive to be unconventional and innovative. Earlier, on Labour Day, the company pulled off a spectacular marketing stunt in Islamabad and Rawalpindi where they collaborated with Ranchers and introduced a deal for PKR 1 ONLY!

Residents of the twin cities can look out for such campaigns in the near future as Cheetay is always thinking out of the box.