A Complete Guide To Check Sims Registered On CNIC – PTA Verification

GeneralA Complete Guide To Check Sims Registered On CNIC - PTA Verification

Procedure to Check Sims Registered on CNIC

We know that there is great strictness regarding issuance of the sim on a NADRA CNIC and one cannot have more than 5 sims under his identity at one time. A number of people around don’t have any idea about how they can check the sims issued on their CNIC. So here is a detailed guide about how you can check the registered sims on your CNIC.

How to Check Registered Sims Against Your NADRA CNIC?

  • In order to check your CNIC number with the issued sim, send a blank message to 668.
  • If your phone does not allow you to send a blank message then write anything in the message body and send it to 668.
  • The reply of this message will be showing the list of all numbers or sims issued on your NADRA CNIC.

In case if you notice that the number of Sims registered on your CNIC is more than you are using or if there is an unknown number in the list, you should contact the Customer Service Center of the Respective Cellular Company.

What is Sim Cloning?

SIM cloning is basically the process in which a Sim card is duplicated. When the cloning is completed, the cloned SIM card’s identifying information is transferred to a separate sim card. The secondary card can then be used in a different phone while having all calls and associated charges attributed to the original SIM card.

Beware of Sim Cloning

If you feel something like illegally carried out using your number or anyone informs you about receiving a call from your number when actually you didn’t call, make sure to contact the relevant cellular companies to stop the illegal functionality of your sim. It can be done as a result of sim cloning by someone using a duplicate sim with your number. That’s the reason; it is very essential to keep the record of all the Sims issued on your CNIC. The Sim Card issued on your CNIC might be in the wrong hands and being used for terrorist activities so do not delay and spread this to your friends and family members as well to check how many SIMs are issued.

Sim Verification Process According to PTA

As per Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), you need to follow the following steps for the sim verification process:

  • Mobilink – Customer can check verification status of his/her CNIC by sending their CNIC # from a SIM registered against same CNIC at short-code 6001
  • Telenor – Customer can send any SMS (including blank SMS) to 7751. In reply the system tells the customer if the number in use is BVS verified or not.

Customer can send any SMS (including blank SMS) to 7750. In reply system tells the customer of the nearest Telenor office/retailer location.

  • CMPak – 7911 SMS service (FOC) has been launched to check the verified numbers by sending “V” to this short-code 7911
  • Ufone – Dial USSD code *336#, a menu will appear at which Type 1. The sender will get the verification status of his number.
  • Warid – Customer can send messages (CNIC) to short-code 789 through primary verified number and in return he will get status of numbers against his/her CNIC along with verification stats. The format of this process is sent to the primary verified number via text.
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