Cheapest Countries in Europe For Cost-Saving Vacation

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Cheapest countries in Europe

Europe is a large continent that is home to diversified rich culture, history, food, traditions, and amazing destinations from one pole to the other. Most places in Europe are too expensive to even think of visiting. Well, that is a generalized view of Europe. However, every place has some expensive and inexpensive destinations, you just got to plan your trip. So, thanks later after reading the article because shortly you’ll know about the cheapest countries in Europe.


Cheapest Countries in Europe 

Here is a list of the best and cheapest countries in Europe that will keep you on budget. So, take a look at these destinations and decide on your next memorable trip. If you are wondering that you will not enjoy it, wait until you make your final judgment. Because the destinations may be cheap but offer you much more than you would have thought. 

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Bulgaria
  • Slovenia
  • Poland
  • Montenegro


Cheapest countries in Europe

Portugal is a land of natural beauty where the sun shines at its glory on the golden sandy beaches, lighthouses, and cliffs. If you have a big thing for nature, Portugal is for you because you can get mesmerizing views of the outdoors for free. 

There is a lot that you can do in Portugal like scuba diving, hiking along the volcanic mountains, and enjoying beautiful beaches. Portugal is an underrated destination so there are not many visitors. Having fewer visitors makes it a better place for your trip so you won’t be running into a lot of people. 

Most of your expenses will go on food and accommodation if you don’t choose the right time of the year. The off-season is the best season for Portugal. Although the temperature will go to 15-17 degrees Celsius from November to February, there will be fewer visitors. That is your chance to bargain and get the most out of your budget.
You can also visit some free-to-explore destinations like the ancient town of Evora, a World Heritage site, the 12th century Templar Castle and the Convent of Christ in the town of Tomar.


Spain has everything that you want. From natural landscapes to historic culture, you’ll get everything here. You will get a lot in Spain like food that you can get affordably from the street stalls. You can also get to see art, heritage, museum, music, and dance on the streets that will be free of cost or cost a minimum. Or if you are a nature explorer, relish yourself in the Mediterranean beaches and islands. And Soccer!!

Spain seems to be an expensive destination if you don’t know how to keep your budget short. You need to choose cities that are unexplored yet filled with adventure. Rely on the natural beauty that does not require any cost. Look for the spots that are free to visit like beaches and heritage castles and museums. 


Cheapest countries in Europe

Italy is one of the best, most famous, and cheapest countries in Europe. Italy is the best in winters because the tourist hassle in Summers is too much to bear. The stickiness in the environment van spoils your fun. You will also have to pay more for food and accommodations in summer than from November to February. 

The best thing about Italy for tourism is the local transportation system. There is a wide network of local transport all around the country that you would not have to pay high fares on taxis. Although the local buses or trains may take more time they are cost-saving. 

In Italy, you can visit Rome and Venice at a lower cost. However, for visiting the Colosseum or Vatican city, or more big urban spots you need to pay a high fee. So, you should always choose a few destinations that are cheap and worth visiting. 

Don’t ever think of returning from Italy without trying the Pasta!


Cheapest countries in Europe

Bulgaria is the most inexpensive country in Europe for tourists. Visitors usually come here in the summers to enjoy the vacations alongside the Black Sea. But, there is much more to visit in Bulgaria than the Black Sea. 

As compared to Western Europe, Bulgaria favors visitors who like to visit the countryside. In summers, the costs of visiting are often high. You can cut very much of those costs by going to Bulgaria in the off-season when the accommodation is cheaper. 

You can visit the countryside, castles, villages, hiking trails, and many archaeological sites that will provide you with a relaxing and learning experience in Europe. These sites are much cheaper to explore. 

Accommodation is also not a big deal if you are visiting off-season. Some hotels also provide free breakfast and a shuttle service.


In Slovenia, you can explore the diversity of natural landscapes. You will witness the giant mountains covered with forests on one side for hiking and the attractive shoreline of the Adriatic sea to enjoy the sandy beaches. It is a small country with Hungary, Austria, and Italy in its surroundings.

Avoid visiting in the summers because the tourists hurl the country for enjoying the sun on the sandy beaches. You can visit there in late spring when visitors are less and accommodation cost is low. 

On the seashore, Koper Beach, Mestna Beach, Moon Bay, and the resort of Portoroz are places that you can get at affordable rates. Along with a coastal vacation, you can also enjoy hiking at the top of Mount Triglav where you can get a mountain hut for your stay. Lake Bled is also the most famous and budget-friendly destination in Slovenia.


Urban Poland cities may not be on your budget during the peak season. But in March and April, you can get explore much more in Poland. In March and April, there is less crowd so you would not have to wait in lines to visit any spot. As the winters go and summers approach, the destinations open and offer visits at discounted prices. That is the time when you could visit the castles and palaces at inexpensive rates. 

Many museums offer one day a week free for visitors. So, keep your attention on the free days of the famous places like the Royal Castle in Warsaw and the Chopin Museum.

The bus service is the most reliable way to reach from one spot to the other. Trains are not cheap in Poland. So, you can choose buses like Flixbus that are comfortable, provide free wifi and take you to even distant parts of Poland. 


Montenegro regained its independence in 2006 So it is a new country. A new country means it is less pricey. So, you can enjoy more while staying on your budget. The food is where you can save the most. You can enjoy filling meals at the street stalls like meat-stuffed pies. 

The country is blessed with the best natural topography. During July and August, when the coast of Montenegro is filled with tourists, you can go further ahead in the country to the UNESCO walled town or glacial and mountainous regions. 

Crno Jezero is the best destination for tourists for its immense natural beauty. It consists of a lake surrounded by mountains and a lush greenish blue forest that seems out of this world. To top it all, this destination is free to visit for hiking and swimming. 

Ada Bojana is also a cheaper destination to visit in summer where you can enjoy kite flying and a memorable vacation alongside the shore. 

These were some of the cheapest countries in Europe if you are halting because of a limited budget. Take advantage of these spots and explore more in less

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