Changan Lumin Corn | A Mini EV Into The Market

Changan Automobile is planning to launch its Mini electric vehicle named the Changan Lumin Corn which features a new LOGO. The new electric vehicle designed on the Changan EPA0 platform under Avatar means the new upcoming mini electric hatchback will be Avatar Lumin Corn.

Changan Lumin Corn Electric Variants

Changan Lumin Corn

Chinese media informed us that the Changan is going to launch its 2 new mini variants of electric Avatar Lumin Corn. One of them is powered by a 35 kW LFP battery from CALT that can generate 48 horsepower and has a range of up to 210 kilometres. Whereas the other one comprises a 30 kW LFP battery from Gotion Hightech which can generate 41 horsepower and which have a range of up to 150 kilometres. Both the variants have a maximum speed of 101 km/h.


On Changan’s official social media channel an animated video is circulating about this new vehicle. Detailed information is available in the video about the car’s interior and exterior. It consists of just two doors, four-seat circular LED lights, pop-out door handles, and engine push-starts.
In the interior infotainment screen, an LCD metre, a climate control system, a flat-bottom steering wheel, and more decks.

Wuling vs Lumin Corn

Lumin corn’s competitor will be Wuling Hongguang mini electric vehicle. As Wuling Hongguang MINI EV ranked first in the new electric vehicle’s sales list for February 2022.

As Changan Lumin Corn competes with Wuling, likewise, it will compete with other Chinese electric hatchbacks. The competitors include Chery QQ Ice Cream, Chery eQ1, and Baojun Kiwi EV.

Since the company released it, lots of people endorsed the car for its low price and compact design. Moreover, Changan Lumin Corn’s price ranges from 28,800 yuan to 50,600 yuan. Using Changan’s “glutinous corn” as a benchmark should have a related end price.

Final Word

This new model of EV in the market is going to be a new addition to the EVs. Since all the others are either Sedans or SUVs, this mini Ev will come out as a companion for middle-class people. So, they could also enjoy the benefits of an electric car. While the elites could afford the luxurious cars, this is just the right invention for the middle class.

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