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Cars in PakistanChangan Karvaan vs Suzuki Bolan

The trend of box wagons has transformed with the pace of technology. Vehicle owners have more options today as compared to years back when we only had Suzuki Bolan to choose from. While it has been highly popular in the local market, users faced comfort problems. Since the arrival of multiple international auto manufacturers in Pakistan, we now have more options than Suzuki Bolan and Toyota Hiace in the multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) category. Changan, a Chinese automaker, in collaboration with Master Motors, launched in Pakistan in 2018. Karavan is what they offer as an MPV. This vehicle is a severe competitor in the market, sure to make it’s rival a run for their money. Today we match it up against the MPV of Pakistan, The “Carry Dabba” Suzuki Bolan. This is Changan Karvaan vs Suzuki Bolan.

Karvaan vs Suzuki Bolan


Suzuki Bolan is an all-time favourite MPV. Ruling the streets since the ’90s, this MPV has stood the test of time and versatility. But evolution is inevitable. Since its inception, Suzuki Motors has attempted to evolve Bolan while maintaining the same look.

Changan Karavan, on the other hand, is relatively recent in the market. And to make a mark in an already established market, one has to offer what no one else does. Is Karavan capable of pulling that off? Let’s take a closer look at both the veteran and the young blood.

Changan Karvaan vs Suzuki Bolan

To have a fair match-up, we will compare the latest models side-by-side. Discuss the pros & cons and speculate which MPV offers the best value for money.

Suzuki Bolan


Suzuki Bolan is a mid-engine, manual transmission, front-wheel-drive mini MPV. They are offered in two variants, Cargo Van Euro II and VX Euro II. It has remained virtually unchanged since its launch. Suzuki Bolan featured minor cosmetic upgrades and a new Euro-II-compliant engine in the latest variant. Suzuki Bolan 2022 price in Pakistan is competitive compared to other models in the same class available in the local market.

Internal & external specifications

The new Suzuki Bolan 2022 has the same old boxy design it is famous for. With a flat front that houses both the head and fog lamps. The Bolan sports a rectangular black front grille. The rear of the Bolan also features a black bumper accompanied by rectangular stacked taillights.

The interior is made up of the same plastic and fabric as before. The new steering wheel is 4-spoke, which is an improvement, while an additional air conditioning feature has also been added to the van. The Suzuki Bolan 2022 can easily seat eight people in it. The after-market variation in seating capacity makes it a suitable vehicle for public use. It is most commonly used as a school van or a rental van for more than six people. It has manual door locks and manual windows.

In terms of safety features, well, you only get a seatbelt. No airbags.

Engine & Performance

Suzuki Bolan is a 796cc MPV. The engine is the only innovation in this particular MPV in all these years. The replacement of the Carburetor engine with the Euro-2 engine. This 796cc inline three-cylinder Euro-II Engine Produces 37HP@5000Rpm with 62Nm of torque. The top speed of the Bolan is between 120-140Km’s per hour, and it takes 10-12 seconds to accelerate 0-60 kilometres per hour.

The fuel tank capacity is 36 litres, and mileage is 13 Km/L in the city and 16 Km/L on highways.

The price of Suzuki Bolan 2022 in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1,487,000 for the base variant Cargo Van Euro II to PKR 1,500,000 for the VX Euro II variant.


The best aspects of Bolan are the fact that it has a large seating capacity with the capability of adjusting seating for multiple purposes. Maintenance is easy due to a solid dealership. The full version also has air conditioning. The mileage is pretty decent for an MPV.


The fact that there is no safety feature other than a seatbelt is scary. The shape and tire width of Bolan makes it challenging to manoeuvre. It lacks essential equipment and has an uncomfortable ride.


Changan Karvaan


Changan Karvaan is a mid-sized, multi-purpose van. Its six-sitting spaces can easily accommodate a large family. MPVs are also helpful as loader vehicles. Karavan MPV is a valuable and resourceful vehicle to cater to all needs. It is available in Pakistan in two variants, Karavan Standard and Karavan Plus.

Karvaan MPV

Internal & external specifications

Changan Kaarvan MPV has a sophisticated exterior, boxy design, and slanting front. The front of the van sports a dual-wing chrome grille coupled with trapezium-styled headlights. Below the headlamps are high-density fog lamps with chrome lining. The rear of the truck features side-swept rear LED tail lamps. The back door slides open for easy entry and exit. Wide side mirrors make driving convenient.

The interior is spacious and comfortable. The seats are wrapped in deluxe fabric and come with lumbar support. The centre fascia houses an aux connectivity port and climate control knobs. Dual air conditioning provides ample cooling to the 2nd and 3rd rows. It also can add two more seats to increase seating capacity. Safety features of Karavan MPV include an anti-lock braking system, immobilizer, power door locks, and child lock. Other features include a remote boot and fuel lid, steering adjustment, defogger, keyless entry, heater, and rear wiper.

Engine & Performance

Both the Versions of Karavan MPV are equipped with a 999 cc Euro IV inline-four Cylinder OHC engine mated with 5-speed Manual Transmission and run using the front-wheel-drive system. The 1.0 Liter engine generates 68 horsepower @ 6000 rpm with maximum torque of 92nm@ 4800 rpm, achieving a top speed of 120km/h.

The Changan Karvaan MPV has a decent mileage of 10 Km/L in the city and 12 Km/L on the highway.  The fuel tank capacity of the van is 40 litres.

The price of Changan Karvaan in Pakistan ranges from PKR 2,419,000 for the standard variant and PKR 2,569,000 for the Plus variant.


The best aspect of this MPV is the spacious interior, which is also of good quality. The built quality is better than the rival, and the mileage is also economical.


Consumers have reported complaints regarding cabin noise. It also has an average road grip which can be dangerous when carrying heavy loads.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our take on Changan Karvaan vs Suzuki Bolan. After having a detailed overview of both the MPVs, it is only fair to let you decide which MPV the MVP is. Feel free to visit your nearby dealerships for more vehicle insights or drop back any time for the latest industry updates.

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