Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris – Which One to Choose

Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris - A much-needed comparison before you buy either of these.

Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris - Which One to Choose

We recently shared the news of the launch ceremony held by Changan motors in Karachi. The new sedan may launch as the cheapest sedan in the country. However, as the time of launch is approaching near, the fans are showing curiosity about the competitive status of Changan Alsvin with the already launched cars of the same category. Here, we have gathered the details about Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris comparison.

Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris


Before we start with the comparison, it is important to mention that Changan Alsvin is yet to be launched in Pakistan. For now, we have compiled information from the international variant of the car.

Changan Alsvin in Pakistan

Toyota Yaris 2020

Engine Comparison


If we talk about the engine, Changan Alsvin will be available with a 1480cc engine capable of producing 106hp and 145 NM Torque. On the other hand, Toyota Yaris comes with a 1496cc engine capable to deliver 106hp and 140Nm Torque.

Check out the price and features of Toyota Yaris in Pakistan.

Transmission System

Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris comparison is incomplete without discussing the transmission. Toyota Yaris comes with a 7-speed CVT transmission. If we talk about the upcoming Changan Alsvin, the car will come with a 5-speed DCT auto-transmission which is the latest technology compared to the CVT.

Headlights Comparison

As reported, Changan Alsvin will come with height-adjustable Halogen Projector headlamps. On the flip side, Toyota Yaris comes with simple Halogen headlights. The Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris comparison falls in the favor of the upcoming Chinese sedan.

Parking Sensors

Toyota Yaris does not feature any parking sensors in the car. However, Changan Alsvin will most likely include the parking sensors to ensure car safety from damages.

Sunroof Option

Tha Changan Alsvin will be featuring a sunroof. This is great news for the fans as any other cars of the category do not have this feature. The same is the case with Toyota Yaris as it does not come with a sunroof.

Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris – Safety Comparison

If we talk about the safety status in both the cars, Toyota Yaris and Changan Alsvin come with 2-airbags each.

Price Comparison

The price tag on the recently launched Toyota Yaris is PKR 29,99,000. On the other hand, the cheapest sedan to be is expected to launch at a price of PKR 25,00,000.

We will update you as soon as we get more information about the upcoming Chinese sedan. Keep checking in!

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