Changan Alsvin vs Toyota Yaris 2023 Price and Features Comparison

Cars in PakistanChangan Alsvin vs Toyota Yaris 2023 Price and Features Comparison

The Pakistani car market has experienced a major transition. We now finally have some other, actually a lot more, manufacturers to choose from. Due to this, the existing auto giants in the local market have no choice but to up their game. Toyota’s answer in the sedan category is the Yaris. And today, we decided to compare it with the Changan Alsvin, a relatively newer option for car enthusiasts. Let’s dive into Changan Alsvin vs Toyota Yaris.



Changan introduced the Alsvin back in 2021. The offered variants are the 1.37L Comfort, 1.5L Comfort, and 1.5L Lumiere. The price starts from PKR 3,394,000 for the basic variant and PKR 3,844,000 for the high-end variant.

Toyota Yaris offers six variants, GLI MT 1.3, ATIV MT 1.3, GLI CVT 1.3, ATIV CVT 1.3, ATIV X MT 1.5 and ATIV X CVT 1.5. The price starts from PKR 3,539,000 for the basic variant and PKR 4,259,000 for the high-end variant.

Let’s review side-by-side to see which automaker offers the best value for money.


Alsvin vs Toyota Yaris

Alsvin vs Yaris

Toyota Yaris


Yaris Pakistan has two engine variants, 1329cc and 1496cc. The average horsepower is 98-106hp and 123-140Nm of Torque. The fuel average ranges from 13 km/L to 16 km/L for both variants. Yaris has a typical Toyota-style exterior. A bolder front trapezium air intake makes the front look more aggressive than the earlier models. Four-beam halogen headlights, half-chrome plating, daytime running lights, and fog lamps. Other features include Smart entry, Push start, a 4.2-inch TFT screen and a 6.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

The most memorable features of the car by users are suspension, pick, fuel economy, and boot space, and the ground clearance of 175 mm provides better stability to the vehicle. Overall it offers a comfortable ride.

What’s not loved about the car, however, is the overall poor build quality. The design is unimpressive in terms of innovation, and the fact that it offers what any other sedan in the market has to offer, maybe even less.

Changan AlsvinAlsvin

A:svin is the only Euro 5 Engine Car in its category. Changan Alsvin also has two engine variants, 1370cc and 1480cc,, based on Blue core engine technology. The 1.5 Liter Blue core engine produces 105 horsepower with 145nm of Torque and is paired with a 5-speed DCT Transmission. The latter is a 1.3 Liter, produces 95 Horsepower with 135nm of Torque, paired with Manual Transmission. The average fuel ranges from 14 km/L to 17 km/L.

The exterior of Alsvin aesthetic with a streamlined body design that is decent and dynamic. With Dual-beam Halogen projector headlamps and DRLs running below the bumper. It comes in 14-inch steel wheels for the 1.37L Comfort and 15-inch Alloy wheels for the 1.5L Comfort and 1.5L Lumiere. Internal features include Cruise control, Mobile Mapping, a 7-inch infotainment system, Dual Airbags on the front for passengers and drivers, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Electronic stability control, Hill Assist, Rear Parking Sensors and a camera.

The most loved aspects are a fresh design, fuel economy and the fact that it’s packed with features. There are, however, complaints about the paint job and the build quality.


We’ve seen what both sedans have to offer. To be honest,, the scales tip in favour of Alsvin overall, but being Chinese make, people may have “trust issues”. One thing Toyota guarantees is reliability. But should you spend almost half a million on just reliability? The choice is all yours.


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