Modi says Chalo Pakora Baicha Jai

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks, terming selling ‘Pakoras’ employment creation backfired as educationists and educated youth made almost mockery of that.

The unemployment has been one of the biggest cause of concerns in India where hundreds of thousands youth roam around with degrees in hand, seeking jobs but find nothing but despair. As per the International Labour Organization (ILO), the number of jobless people in India may go as high as 18.6 million in 2018.

But when asked to comment on unemployment issue in India in a recent TV Interview, the Indian prime minister said a ‘Pakoras Seller’ could not be considered as an unemployed person. He also said unemployment could be controlled by selling ‘Pakoras’ and ‘Chai’ (Tea).

However, his remarks was taken adversely by various fractions of society as on Sunday, educated youth took to the roads in Bengaluru – where Narendra Modi was about to address a rally in Mekhri Circle –  sold ‘Pakoras’ while wearing degree robes as to register their protest in a simple but compelling way.

“Selling pakoras or tea isn’t bad, but you don’t need degrees for that. The Prime Minister should speak with responsibility,” one of the protesters was quoted as saying by IndiaTimes.

Separately a poem titled “Chalo Pakora Baicha Jai” also went viral after Narendra Modis’ ‘Pakoras Selling’ remarks.

The critics said instead of offering and creating jobs for youth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to make youth ‘Pakora Sellers’. He said Modi’s tenure as the Indian prime minister entered 2018 with credits including intolerant society hate for Muslims and war like situation and anti-Pakistan mania.

They said Modi Sarkar had failed to offer economic development and economic growth to India where unemployment among educated youth had increased twofold.