Chairman Senate warns ministers over their absence in House

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani on Friday directed the ministers to ensure their presence in the House failing which they may be restricted to attend the session of the Upper House.

Rabbani issued these warnings after ministerial absence who had to appear in the House on Friday to respond the starred questions related to their departments.

The Chairman Senate said that parliament should be honored as this is the August House not `Rajwara’. In case of such attitude in future, their entry would be restricted in the House for a certain period as per rules, he said.

The Chair deferred all the questions of those departments whose ministers were not present in the House to respond to the questions.

“If the Prime Minister can come to the House to answers the parliamentary interventions then Ministers are not exempted from attending the session to answer their questions,” the Chairman Senate added.

Raza Rabbani also directed the Senate Secretariat to convey the instructions to the relevant ministers and Secretaries to fulfill their parliamentary responsibility otherwise he would have to act as per rules.

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