CGSS organizes discussion on “Pakistan; A Responsible Nuclear State”

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Keeping in view the myth regarding security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons propagated by the west and probably India for vested interest, the Centre for Global and Strategic Studies (CGSS) organized an In-house discussion on “Pakistan; A Responsible Nuclear State” in Islamabad on Monday.

The aim of the discussion was to portray Pakistan as a responsible nuclear state and to put light on the security posture of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, the discussion also comprised of Pakistan’s stance on minimum credible deterrence.

The CGSS organized the In-house discussion to formulate a suggestive policy paper for relevant stakeholder departments of government of Pakistan.CGSS organizes discussion on “Pakistan; A Responsible Nuclear State”

Following eminent personalities participated in the discussion, providing their valuable insight about the topic;

  • Ashfaq Ahmed Gondal – Former Federal Secretary of Information/Senior Member Advisory Board CGSS
  • Zafar Iqbal Cheema – Director, Strategic Vision Institute
  • Brigadier (retd) Naeem Salik – Director, Center for International Strategic Studies
  • Tauqir Ahmed – Consultant Security Management/Member Advisory Board CGSS
  • Shakeel Ahmed Ramay – Executive Director, Zalmi Foundation/Member Advisory Board CGSS
  • Jawad Majid – Director and Head of Silk Bank Emaan Islamic Branch/Member Advisory Board CGSS
  • Ateeq Ur Rehman – Assistant Professor, NUML University
  • Lieutenant Colonel (retd) Khalid Taimur Akram – Executive Director CGSS
  • Rahat Iqbal – Consultant CGSS
  • Afsheen Siab Kayani – CGSS