CDA claims Media Town, Rawalpindi is un-authorised Housing Scheme

CDA claims Media Town, Rawalpindi is un-authorised Housing Scheme

Islamabad: CDA claims Media Town, Rawalpindi is un-authorised Housing Scheme. Media Town that was financed by the Punjab government and falls under the projects of Ministry of Housing of Punjab government has been tagged as “un-authorised Scheme” by Capital Development Authority (CDA).

CDA website claims as:

1. In the interest of general public and other stakeholders, it is informed that as per ICT (Zoning) Regulation 1992, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has been divided into Five Zones. Two Zones out of Five Zones, i.e. Zone-2 and Zone-5 have been earmarked for development of Housing Schemes by the Private Sector i.e. Co-operative Housing Societies/Private Limited Companies. Such private schemes are also allowed in Sector E-11, Islamabad. ICT (Zoning) Regulation 1992 and the Modalities and Procedures framed thereunder for development of private housing schemes empowers CDA to regulate Planning and Development of Private Housing Schemes in Zone-2 and Zone-5 of the ICT. 

2. Two tier approvals of private schemes are granted by CDA. In the first step Layout Plans are approved then on completion of subsequent formalities, the No Objection Certificates for development of schemes are issued. After issuance of NOCs, the monitoring of physical planning and development of schemes are also made by CDA. 

3. The following private housing schemes have no approval of CDA. Neither the Layout Plans of these housing schemes have been approved nor the NOCs for these schemes issued by CDA:-



  1. Media Town, PWD Road , Off Islamabad
  2. National Police Foundation, PWD Road, Off Islamabad Highway
  3. Pak PWD Off Islamabad Highway
  4. Pakistan Town,Phase-II,PWD Road Off Islamabad Highway
  5. Askaria Town, Off Japan Road
  6. Bankers City, Off Dharwala Road
  7. Bankers Town, Kahuta Road
  8. Fatima Villa, GT Road
  9. Gulshan-e-Danish , GT Road
  10. Gulshan-e-Rehman , Off Japan Road
  11. Hamza Town, Kahuta Road
  12. National Co-operative (former Aewan-e-Sadar), Kahuta Road
  13. Tele Town, Off Japan Road
  14. Azim Town, Off Kahuta Road
  15. Dhanyal Town , Off Kahuta Road
  16. Fatima Valley, Japan Road
  17. Ghouri Town, Phase-10, Islamabad Highway
  18. Judicial Employees Housing Scheme , Kirpa Chirah Road
  19. Rasheed Town, Japan Road
  20. River View , Off Kahuta Road
  21. Television Media Town
  22. media-town

Further details about CDA notification can be seen to click this link