Imran Khan Injured

Detailed story can be found here. click the link below to read full stroy of Imran Khan injured during rally in lahore  7 may 2013http://www.dnd.com.pk/imran-khan-injured-after-falling-from-lifter/

Pakistan General Elections 2013 Results

DND will post Pakistan General Elections 2013 Results  of all NA and PP  on 11th may 2013.

All educational institutions to remain closed from 8-13 May in Punjab‚ Sindh

LAHORE: All the public and private educational institutions in the Punjab and Sindh will remained closed from 8th to 13th May due to the...

Zameen Jaagti Hai – Atif Aslam (Download Mp3 Audio)

Beautifully sung and composed, Zameen Jaagti Hai has been sung by Atif Aslam and composed by Shiraz Uppal has hit the web and became...

Voting for PTI is haram – Political Fatwa Against PTI by Maulana Fazl

Religious parties since their inception always use religion against their rivals. Islamists are best to use Fatwas against their opponents and sometimes such Fatwas kill people...

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