Casablanca of Bol Television

Casablanca of Bol Television

Dispatch from Islamabad 

There is a saying in Punjabi “Ya Rah Piya Janay Ya Wa Piya Janay”. This saying has no literally meaning in English but you can narrate it as  “you can know a person when you deal with him or you know a person when you are in a trouble and you need him”. Bol Television story is a perfect example for “Ya Rah Piya Janay Ya Wa Piya Janay”.

Arrested CEO of Bol Shoaib Shaikh hired stars and big names of tv screen — mostly top anchors and top professionals and he gave them salaries more than they asked him for and they could expect it. These big names of electronic media were gathering around Shoaib when he had good days—good old days.

Then scene was changed— Golden boy of anchors was behind bar—offices of Bol and Axact were sealed and Human Resource department staff was arrested by Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) of Pakistan when fake degree scandal came on surface.  In two hours—five big names departed Golden boy saying it difficult for them to stay in an organization that is under the clouds of scandals and alleged crimes. There was a time these five persons were five stars of Golden boy—Azhar Abbas—Kamran Khan and company. Five stars loomed and disappeared from the horizon of Bol.

Many tiny stars waited for salaries and then disappeared when no salaries came to their bank accounts because money inflow and outflow of Bol was seized by FIA.

June ended with surprises for Bol because known twinkle and tiny stars —all went out and Bol offices left only with energy savers bulbs. Even energy saver bulbs were shutdown outside the building of Bol bureau office Islamabad in the beginning of July because Islamabad Bureau Chief was dimming himself. Bol building in Islamabad on Embassy Road was popular for its illumination till the end of June.  First week of July ended with more to ran out of sinking ship of Bol as Islamabad Bureau Chief and Karachi head of news jumped out. However, some stars and some sailors decided to fill holes in the ship with their tiny fingers and soaked boots. Yes there is a boy still at the Deck—This old boy is tiny like a young boy in physical height—

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The Boy stood on the burning deck,

Whence all but him had fled;

The flame that lit the battle’s wreck

Shone round him o’er the dead.

This hero of Casablanca is still at deck—remains at deck—

Everybody knows who is this little man who is actually a big star of electronic media—an anchor but a Real Anchor—who is still holding and anchoring the ship.

Axact Scandal: Anchorpersons Nasir Baig Chughtai and Mushtaq Minhas stay in Bol
Axact Scandal: Anchorpersons Nasir Baig Chughtai and Mushtaq Minhas stay in Bol

Journalist circles believe he will stand till he gets ship out of rough and ruthless sea or it sinks with a standing boy on the Deck.


There is another one—He is not tiny and he is not so-called big star—he is known for his support and stands for journalists. He is Ivano Frenkovics of Islamabad— He sleeps hungry but fights for the bread of his fellow journalists.

Chalay Chalo Kay Manzil Abi Nahi Aiee


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