Car Warning Lights Meaning You Didn’t Know


Car warning lights meaning

In vehicles, there are a lot of sensors to make it easy for the drivers to track if anything is wrong with your car. But, you need to understand what the car warning lights meaning. So, if any of these lights blink, you can know what’s wrong and get it sorted out quickly. Here is a list of car warning lights meaning. You can also track what is the problem and how can you solve them.

Engine Too Hot

Car warning lights meaning

This warning light comes when the engine becomes too hot. The possible reasons can be: the radiator cap may be loose, the radiator fan may not be working or the coolant is leaking. It is important to troubleshoot it right away. Otherwise, the problem can cause serious trouble to you and serious damage to your vehicle.

Low Car Battery Light

Car warning lights meaning

This sign indicates a low car battery. When the car starts getting short on battery, these signs appear and if you ignore it, your car will start malfunctioning or just stop working anytime the battery ends. It could be because the battery is faulty and it has issues getting charged. To solve this the driver needs to check the alternator belts or the battery wires or terminals.

Pressure Oil Light

Car warning lights meaning

This light will light up if you are driving your car without maintenance. This indicates the pressure oil. If the quantity of oil is too low or the quality of the oil is not suitable, then the light will come up. This is one of the reasons why vehicles overheat. To avoid it, the driver has to replace the oil.

Brake Warning Indicator

Car warning lights meaning

This light comes up when the driver pulls the hand brake and it turns off when he/she releases the hand brake. The light stays on when the hydraulic pressure is low or when the brake fluids are extremely low. The driver needs to avoid long routes before sorting out this light.

Engine Malfunction Light

Car warning lights meaning

This is the engine malfunction light. It remains on for a few seconds when we turn on the vehicle. If it continues to stay lit, it indicates the sensor has detected a serious issue with the engine. It is important to have a diagnose of the vehicle to remove malfunctioning. 

Transmission Light

Car warning lights meaning

It is a transmission light. It lights up when the transmission oil becomes extremely hot. If you ignore it and continue to drive the vehicle, you are likely to lose transmission. If this light comes on, pull the car to the side and let the vehicle cool down. If the situation is serious contact a mechanic. 

Service Vehicle Soon Indicator

Car warning lights meaning

This is a service vehicle soon indicator. It tells the driver about the number of kilometers the vehicle has been driven yet. The driver needs to get a tune of the car. The tune-up includes checking of oil, brakes, ABS, traction control, and other important things. This helps a lot in improving the performance of the vehicle.

Brake Pad Light

Car warning lights meaning

Brake Pad light is available in premium cars that indicate that the brake pads are wearing out and need replacement. If this is ignored, the vehicle will lose brakes and cause you some serious trouble.

ABS Light

Car warning lights meaning

Anti-Lock Braking System keeps the vehicle in the correct direction while braking. It protects the vehicles from accidents. But, if this light comes on, you need to have a maintenance session for your safety.

Tire Pressure Light

Car warning lights meaning

The tire pressure light indicates the low pressure in the tires. If any tire has low pressure, it is likely to burst while driving. So, drivers need to check the tire pressure before heading out on their journey.

All those lights and symbols on your dashboard are very significant only if you understand. You can understand what message your car wants to give to you. So, look closely, understand car warning lights meaning and get maintenance on time. 

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