CAA employee loses job for hurling death, blasphemy case threats at Christian woman

PakistanCAA employee loses job for hurling death, blasphemy case threats at Christian...

Islamabad, Pakistan: In another case of extremism from the country’s largest metropolis Karachi, an employee of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) landed in hot waters for hurling death and blasphemy case threats at a Christian lady.

It was reported that the two exchanged a heated argument as the female security officer schooled the man for allowing his friend to bypass security without holding a vehicle pass.

The woman was quick enough to film the disgraceful incident on a mobile phone. The video captured via a handheld device shows the man hurling threats at the female officer.

“I am a mad man, don’t dare or I will cut you up,” he can be heard saying in the clip, which went viral, prompting condemnation from human rights activists, and politicians and clerics, and even sparking outrage on social platforms.

The clip shows a female officer daring the man to lodge a blasphemy case against her.


Following the outrage, the Civil Aviation Authority terminated the employee who threatened the female security officer with false charges in the port city of Karachi. CAA spokesperson also issued a statement, saying top officials took notice of the incident.

He confirmed that the employee behind the disgraceful incident had been terminated from service while a detailed probe is underway.


Amid the CAA action, Pakistan’s former president and PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari denounced the incident, calling it shameful to hurl threats at the female security officer to prevent her from performing her duties.

The seasoned politician also called on authorities to protect female security officers across the country, saying some culprits wanted to bring a bad name to the South Asian nation using religion.

As the incident went viral, noted religious cleric and chief of Pakistan Ulema Council Tahir Ashrafi also reacted to the development.

Religious discrimination in Pakistan

Religious minorities in the fifth most populous country are often targeted in recent years. Many were threatened or silenced using blasphemy cases while attacks on residential areas and worship places were also reported amid ‘never-ending’ extremism.

Court’s verdict hailed for granting bail to mentally unsound accused of blasphemy

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