CAA bars Shaheen Air flights NL768/NL892 despite court resumption orders

KARACHI, Pakistan: The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has stopped Shaheen Air flights NL768/NL892 operating from Lahore to Muscat (LHE-MCT) & Lahore to Canton (LHE-CAN) despite of court orders being issued to CAA over resumption of all Shaheen Air International Limited (SAI) operations.

It is pertinent to mention that the Sindh High Court (SHC) had earlier suspended the operation of letter of July 13, 2018 in which CAA had illegally tried to stop all international operations of Shaheen Air except for Saudi Arabia.

Despite order of the SHC, the CAA issued letter of July 19, 2018 from its Airport Manager at Lahore saying that international flights of Shaheen Air are still stopped.

Consequently, CAA opposing the court orders has barred SAI flights NL768/NL892.

Commenting at the move intended to derail the Country’s second largest carrier, SAI Director Marketing, Zohaib Hassan said, “This move from CAA is unwelcoming and is solely intended to disrupt SAI scheduled flight s, which will create difficulties for our passengers”.

Zohaib Hassan added that SAI is a law abiding company, and in strong terms condemns the approach of the CAA where the biggest inconvenience is caused to the Pakistani travelling public which it is the mandate of the CAA to serve. SAI condemns CAA’s move of going against the Sindh High Court’s decision, by stopping our flights NL768/NL892 (LHE-MCT/LHE-CAN).

Shaheen Air is religiously acting upon the payment plan and intends to settle all impending dues according to it, while the honorable SHC also reaffirms the same position of SAI.

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