Bushra Ki Diary and Shades of Existence

DND Thought CenterBushra Ki Diary and Shades of Existence

Monitoring Desk: Women are mostly considered a victim of male subjugation however, history testifies that women around powerful men mostly subjugate their men through the intoxication of care, love, affection, and so on and so forth.

A successful wife surely plays the role of a mother for any man by caring for and sometimes instructing him as a mother. A large number of strong women had a history of documenting their diaries which is actually, for them, proof of their strong appearance in that particular span of time—the history and their influence over their strong men—the Rulers. If we read such diaries with investigative approach, we can find the “real” sides of them as such women used their own writing as a documentation of history, to see themselves at a little distance. In history, we also find such diaries as “instruction manuals”. Such instructions are either from the authors themselves or in some cases they documented instructions from someone unknown and faceless and they step by step followed such instructions they documented in their diaries. Samantic review of this diary suggests that “Bushra Ki Diary” may fall in a later category.

What is “Bushra Ki Diary”?

Some pages of a diary have appeared in social media where they made their way into electronic media and print media. It is claimed they are written by former first lady Bushra Bibi. Till now, Bushra Bibi has not rejected this diary and her silence gives reasons to believe that she is the author of this diary.

What actually does this diary show?

In history, the quest for identity-making through diaries indicates that most diaries by women were written to ask “others” to honor their influence over certain events and individuals and one can read “Bushra Ki Diary” in this context. She was the wife of former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and she was in center-stage of everything and the most instrumental in Imran Khan’s rise and fall. She according to news items had been running the province of Punjab through her former husband and her closest friend Farah Bibi. Moreover, she had been in contact with all important persons around his husband and had direct access to the planning and execution of “Project Imran” since she officially married Imran Khan.

Available alleged excerpts from the diary look more like an “instruction Manual” instead of routine documentation of everyday events. Here the question arises was it she who had been writing such instructions (as part of writing memory) or someone was giving her such instructions and she was just an executor? For a student of Cognation and Semantics, this question is more important than the text of the diary.

Bushara Ki Diary and Shades of Existence

Bushra Bibi had been under criticism for her role to trigger a volatile political situation in Pakistan and one of her audio has been rejected by Bhusra Bibi one can listen how she was instructing the PTI team to tag opponents as “Ghadaar” (traitor) though in past this right of certifying traitor to anybody was the sole right of the military establishment. Was it such a move of her initiative or was someone behind giving her instruction to use PTI’s social media campaign this and that way? This question is still not answered by anybody within PTI or by anti-PTI circles. Domestic as well as even foreign media claimed that Bushra Bibi played a noteworthy role in advising, guiding, and sometimes instructing the former prime minister including influencing his decision-making, so much so, directing Imran Khan how to manipulate judiciary, military and foreign media. Parts of her diary dealing with the diet and health manual of his husband must not be discussed because this is the laudable duty of her to care diet and health of her spouse and she should be appreciated for her care instead of being criticized.  However, parts of her diary dealing with political maneuverability and manipulation of events should be open for public discussion (unless Bushra Bibi rejects that this is not her diary).

The parts of Bushra Ki Diary dealing with outlining strategies for rallies, demonstrations, and pointers for public statements are interesting parts to read because these points are so mature, workable, and deep-rooted in a system that not even a normal spymaster can think like this. These parts are enough to trigger appreciation for her intellect and strong personality and her in-depth understanding political history and political mechanism of Pakistan (if these are really her words).

The most important but dangerous recommendation found in Diary is her preparation of Imran Khan for a “political revolution” because such politics of rage is found in rear women in history because women are by nature kind-hearted and peace-loving although we found very ruthless women also in history. While advising large-scale protests, and pitching the public against institutions like the police (if not Army), she must have an idea of snowball effects in her mind and the higher chances of loss of human lives in all such moves. Is she today’s Helen of Troy (also known as Helen of Sparta) who knew her acts would result in the bloodshed of thousands of humans, therefore, she is in poor standing in Greek literature but has a divine form and was the center of cults.

The credibility of this diary is yet to be established or rejected and only writing experts can find the truth about this. PTI is claiming that it is an attempt to tarnish her reputation and undermine the PTI’s credibility while anti-PTI circles are using this diary as a testimony of how former prime Minister Imran Khan had allegedly been manipulated by his wife. Is only his wife who manipulated him or there were more behind the scene yet to be deciphered?

Helen of Argos, Helen for whom so many Argives
lost their lives in Troy, far from native land!
No, don’t give up now. Range the Achaean ranks,
with your winning words hold back each man you find –
don’t let them haul their rolling ships to sea!

– Homer

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