British values under threat



“Freedoms did not ‘come from thin air’ – and will not be surrendered”, is crust of message the British Prime Minister David Cameron has given to British Muslims in an open letter published in Mail on Sunday.

His message is loud and clear but time will testify how and when United Kingdom (UK) will stand against growing Wahhabism in its society. There is so huge investment of gulf, saudi Arabia and purist Islamists in UK that any action against them can shatter economic foundations of British society, Islamic finance is a good opportunity for the UK’s financial services industry as Islamic investments have soared by 150% in the past seven years and are expected to be worth £1.3 trillion next year.

There is no secret left that thousands of Britishers are becoming Brats and regularly going to Middle East, Afghanistan and even to tribal areas of Pakistan for participating in Jihad. The support of United Kingdom to destabilise Syrian government encourages such young British Muslims who have honour to serve in Jihad that is supported by their government.

Wahhabi Islam is getting deep roots in British society and there are news published in British newspapers that in some Muslim-dominated schools in Birmingham, students are taught that white women are ‘prostitutes’, Christmas events should be avoided to attend and tombolas in schools are banned.

There are growing conscientiousness that radical clerics are trying to establish ‘Sharia  Law Zones’ in some British cities with bans on gambling, music and alcohol.

Now the British government is planning to take a serve action against radicalisation of its own society and British Prime Minister in an open letter published today in Mail on Sunday expressed his viewpoints about deteriorating situation in Great Briton. Important points of his letter are hereunder:

It is time to stop being ‘squeamish about Britishness’ and refusing to accept British laws and the British way of life is ‘not an option’.

‘It isn’t enough simply to respect these values in schools. They’re not optional; they’re the core of what it is to live in Britain. In recent years we have been in danger of sending out a worrying message: that if you don’t want to believe in democracy, that’s fine; that if equality isn’t your bag, don’t worry about it; that if you’re completely intolerant of others, we will still tolerate you.

This (strict Islamic way of living) has not just led to division- it has also allowed extremism – of both the violent and non-violent kind – to flourish. We need to be far more muscular in promoting British values and the institutions that uphold them.

They have faced claims that some unrepresentative ethnic minority leaders have been given free rein to promote extremist views – and trample on UK laws and rights on democracy, women’s equality, religious freedom and tolerance.

We need to be far more muscular in promoting British values and the institutions that uphold them.’

A genuinely liberal country believes in certain values, actively promotes them and says to its citizens: this is what defines us as a society. Britain’s ‘belief in freedom, tolerance of others, accepting personal and social responsibility, respecting and upholding the rule of law’ are vital and ‘as British as the Union Flag, football and fish and chips.’ Such freedoms did not ‘come from thin air’ – and will not be surrendered. Our values and respect for the history that helped deliver them and the institutions that uphold them form the bedrock of Britishness. We should not be squeamish about our achievements, or bashful about our Britishness.

Today’s European society is based on Magna Carta and UK is leading in celebrating ‘one year to go’ to 800 years of Magna Carta. Next whole year will focus issues like democracy, human rights and equality in European society. It is interesting that UK Prime Minister David Cameron himself fears that constant radicalisation of British society and Wahhabism that is flourishing in British society with every passing day is dangerous for basic fabrics of British society standing on the foundations provided by the Manga Carta.

Magna Carta or known as “The Great Charter of the Liberties of England” was sealed under oath by King John at Runnymede on 15 June 1215. Magna Carta was the first document imposed upon a King of England in an attempt to limit his powers by law and protect rights of the society. The charter is widely known throughout the English speaking world as an important part of the protracted historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law in England and beyond.


British values under threat


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