Bringing Fun and Imagination to Daily Lives – Oreo Launches a Fun Filled ‘Play’ Campaign

PAKISTAN, Karachi, February 16, 2015: Celebrating the kid inside us and inspiring moments of carefree fun for more than 100 years, the world’s favorite biscuit Oreo is now moving towards a more widespread appeal with the launch of its fun filled “Play with Oreo” campaign. “Fans have always played with Oreo in a number of unique ways by twisting, licking, dunking, rolling, stacking and dipping the cookie to make various customized snacks. Now, the brand is on a mission to inspire imagination and play around the globe, not only with the cookie itself, but in consumers’ everyday lives,” Oreo tells us.


With an integrated global campaign revolving around the concept of play, Oreo has unveiled a delightful 3D animated spot exploring all the possible ways people can eat an Oreo. Whether it’s twisting, licking, dunking, or downing the entire cookie in one bite as there’s no wrong way to devour the classic cookie. The campaign has been translated into several different languages and will air globally.It is accompanied by colorful, playful, eye grabbing Point of Sale branding and a complete transformation of the retail environment to the colors of Oreo. The catchy outdoors, together with the fun inducing social media revolution will ensure that no biscuit lover will be able to resist the temptation to Play with Oreo.

Oreo once again brings the Limited Edition ‘Play with Oreo’ Pack. The pack aims at inculcating excitement on the shelf, including a hashtag logo encouraging people to further explore the digital world of #PlayWithOreo and promises more avenues of fun. The campaign also brings a Consumer Promotion in the form of a TLD kit with a free glass and a milk pouch to promote the Dunking ritual by providing all the ingredients necessary along with Oreos.

Mr. Muhammad Sabir, Senior Brand Manager,said “After the success of the Oreo’s Twist, Lick and Dunk campaign, we have now moved beyond the TLD ritual to create broader associations of the brand within the land of Playfulness which are more fun, more relevant and encompasses a wider audience.“Play with Oreo”, which accompanied by a catchy jingle, is sure to resonate with all the age groups. Oreo is a biscuit for the kid in all of us”, he said.

Oreo ensures to bring out the fun in all of us from our routine tasks by adding the daring and dreaming element to it. With the launch of this campaign, Oreo continues to be the World’s No.1 biscuit and one of the market leaders in consumer engagement.

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