Bourgeoisie Tactics of Baloch Dissident Leaders for Economic Suppression

OpinionBourgeoisie Tactics of Baloch Dissident Leaders for Economic Suppression

By Iftikhar Hussain Jazib

Baloch dissident leaders are actually Bourgeoisie whose nefarious designs are fixated at economic manipulation in Balochistan. They are mistreating Baloch masses as proletariat and keeping them impoverished and under developed is in their interest. The frequent killings of labourers by militants are raw examples of suppression of working class in the province. On 31 October, militants killed 4 labourers who were staying at Naseerabad Police Station for their safety. Earlier on 14 October, 6 labourers were killed in Turbat. These militants attack workers as they are soft target and easy means of disrupting development projects in Balochistan.


As matter of fact, mega construction projects are requirement of development in Balochistan as many labour intensive industries are linked with this process.  The anarchists attack construction sites and kill poor labourers to disrupt economic activities in the province. They are closing the doors of livelihood on Baloch people and they are instrumental in keeping Balochistan under developed. On the other hand, the militant attacks also destroy and degrade civic facilities and they oppose projects beneficial for general masses in the province. It shows dissident leaders are depriving people of necessities of life and they are focal in keeping Baloch community backward.

As a part of economic terrorism, the anarchists are also destroying power infrastructure in Balochistan. In the last few years, a number of power pylons were destroyed by the militants. These attacks put many Baloch cities in dark, and disruption of electricity suppressed trading and industrial activities in the province. Hence, the attacks on power infrastructure disturbing public life and it is causing unemployment in Balochistan. Thus, Baloch dissident leaders are increasing the troubles for common people through terrorist attacks.

When rest of the world is innovating to attain high speed means of transportation, Railway infrastructure also come under attacks to restrict the movement of people and goods in Balochistan. Anarchists often destroy railway tracks to disconnect Balochistan from rest of the country and they also target trains to kill people. It shows the aim of terrorism by the anarchists is only to oppress people by denying them useful facilities in the province.

Anti-social anarchists have destroyed some telecommunication towers in the last couple of years to keep Baloch youth away from digital era. This trail of destruction exhibits animosity towards people of Balochistan as modern tools of communication are sources of public empowerment. The anarchists want to disconnect Baloch youth from rest of the world when international community is moving towards 5th generation technology, it is the worst oppression of people of balochistan by the dissident leaders.

The major worry of these bourgeoisie is the rapid economic uplift of Balochistan due to CPEC. They are certain that it would liberate Baloch youth from financial deprivation, therefore, they are conducting intensive propaganda against China. Moreover, some hostile foreign elements are also showing strong opposition to CPEC and Baloch militants are targeting Chinese persons working on mega-projects on their behest. However, Pakistan and China are committed to complete CPEC projects in Balochistan. Despite hostile foreign opposition and an Indian funded low intensity insurgency, most of the projects have already been completed. It shows a strong resolve to defeat the nefarious designs of dissident leaders.

While ensuring that Balochistan remains In deprivation, Baloch dissident leaders are living luxurious lives in European countries which requires financial resources beyond their worth. Moreover, they are also found meeting with foreign diplomats that shows how deeply foreign elements are involve in dissident movements In Balochistan. Terrorism is unacceptable everywhere in the world as it is inherently anti-people tactic of fear and intimidation, completely unacceptable for a rational, peaceful mind. Therefore, International community has developed a consensus to bring terrorists to justice in the world and UN has passed many resolutions in this regard. However, quite strangely, Baloch dissident leaders, responsible for heinous terrorist attacks against general masses in Balochistan, have got asylum in various countries. These facts should be enough to open the eyes of Baloch youth to recognise their true enemies.

It should be a positive omen for Baloch youth that After many sacrifices, security forces have neutralised most of the networks of militants in Balochistan, the marginalised Baloch groups could only perpetrate low intensity attacks. These groups have become a matter of law enforcement as previous military operations had already degraded these groups and they are highly unlikely to make any major disruptive impact on the ground. Rule of law requires that law breakers must face the due process of law, people must help the law enforcement agencies in arresting and punishing the perpetrators of terrorism in Balochistan. It is encouraging that Baloch youth is also realising that it is a usual tactic of the anarchists, under the garb of campaign against enforced disappearances, they are supporting those elements who were responsible for the terrorist attacks. Moreover, many missing persons are victims of the oppression of anarchist, either they had become absconder after involvement in terrorism or they are the victims of terrorism.

Finally, rationality requires that Baloch youth should reject those militant leaders who show an inclination towards India in their public statements and they often appear on Indian media to level allegations against Pakistan.

M.Phil international Relations from Quaid-e-Azam University, the writer is a freelance contributor.



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