BMW Electric Sedan – First All-Electric Sedan Releasing Soon

Change is the essence of time. It becomes necessary when opting for the most optimum solution, be it any scenario. Same is the case with the commercial motor industry which is already in a state of transition from combustion engines to electric motors.

BMW All Electric Sedan


Among the car brands who are a part of this transition, BMW is one of the most notable names. With a rich history of over a 100 years and catalogue of one the most loved cars around the world, BMW has it’s feet firmly on the ground with the release of it’s first electric sedan.

BMW electric sedan is a robust vehicle that is capable of giving its competitors a run for their money. the all-electric sedan is named i4 and no matter which electric car you prefer, the i4 is worth checking out. Let us peek at the specifications of this titan.

BMW Electric Sedan

The BMW electric sedan is powered by a pair front and rear electric batteries. These batteries pack a lot of power providing insane amounts of horsepower and driving range. Charging the vehicle is very convenient as it can be charged at any charging station even from a regular house outlet. It can be fully charged in 8 hours at 11kw charging. At charging stations where the supply is up to 200kw, charging time will significantly decrease.

Variants to be Offered

The BMW electric sedan come in three variants:

  • i4 M50
  • eDrive 40 M Sport
  • eDrive 40 Sport

According to performance reports, the M50 has a drive range of 390 kilometers whereas the eDrive 40 packs a drive range of 480 kilometers. These are some pretty decent numbers to compete with a rapidly changing market.

BMW Electric Sedan

It is high time that we shift to cleaner resources for a better future. Also considering the depletion of fossil fuels, many motor brands plan to release their EV models in the next two years. Many countries are striving towards an all-electric infrastructure such as Britain, who aims end the use of combustion engines by the end of the decade. That being said, we really are eager to see how the BMW’s electric sedan will perform in the market.

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