BMW Color Changing Car-An Unrealistic Reality Of Future

BMW color changing car

 The fans of the Rocking Games’ Grand Theft Auto (GTA) collection may have the cool trick in mind that they could use to dodge the police. Others might be wondering how? The player took the car to a nearby paint workshop and it came out as a different color. Now it is possible in real life because BMW has turned the game trick into reality. May you never fall into this alarming situation where police come after you. But, you can use it as a cool trick in real life. The German car maker BMW has unveiled its future color-changing paint technology that allows you to change the car’s exterior color with just the touch of a button. Read the article till the end to know about the details of this terrific BMW color-changing car.

BMW Color Changing Car Details


BMW had earlier confirmed that it would showcase the latest technology but did not provide any details. Demonstrated and tweeted a video of active use of technology via @Out_of_Spec recently tweeted a video that demonstrated this upcoming unique technology which helped in making the world believe its authenticity. In addition, the newly introduced technology is currently in its earlier state which requires some time for testing and research until it becomes available for sale.

A video shared by Twitter user @Out_of_Spec shows a color-changing feature on a dark gray, all-electric BMW iX. It turns white within a second. Change is amazingly fast and it’s hard to believe it’s not a video editing trick. @Out_of_Spec also revealed that the color-changing paint technology is really sensitive. So, BMW has arranged a backup EV in the manufacturing in case the response is positive or negative.

Expected Price

It would be tremendous to own a color-changing car instead of getting a paint job at an auto paint shop. So, you can get the benefit of having two cars while you own only one.  The car is likely to be much more expensive because of several reasons. BMW vehicles are high-end, so they charge high prices. All-electric cars are new to the market which is why their prices are too high. This color-changing technology is unique and futuristic, so do not expect it to be easily affordable. But, this technology will let other companies come to the game.

After knowing about this amazing BMW color-changing car, people are very excited and are waiting for this wonderful car. 

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