BMW Bikes In Pakistan-A Step Towards Speed and Thrill



After the great success of BMW 4 wheelers worldwide, now they launched 4 BMW bikes in Pakistan of four different categories. It will have a huge impact on bike lovers because there are a lot of bike lovers in Pakistan, who would love to see these bikes on the roads of Pakistan. These bikes will be available in Islamabad, at Dewan motors. Dewan Motors is a BMW showroom in Islamabad. The new BMW bikes in Pakistan that are available are K-1600, R-18 cruiser, 850 GS, and 1250 GSA.

BMW Bikes In Pakistan

K-1600 GT

BMW bikes in Pakistan

K-1600 has a four-stroke, six-cylinder, in-line engine, with a liquid cooling system. This engine can produce up to 160 hp that can reach 129 lb-ft of torque. You can carry up to 205 kg of load on this bike at the same time. The new model K-1600 is the tour category bike, which has a price tag of Rs. 8,970,000.

R-18 Cruiser

This new R-18 cruiser is a heritage bike, which is noticeable by its look. These kinds of bikes are the beast of roads because they come with an 1802 cc engine that can produce over 91 hp and can create a torque of 116 lb-ft maximum. The minimum price for BMW R-18 Cruiser is Rs. 8,238,750

850 GS

The 850 GS is in the adventure category. The new bike 850 GS comes with a 15.14-liter tank capacity. It has an 853 cc engine which can produce over 90 hp, at the rpm of 8,250. This type of engine can produce 63 lb-ft at 6250 pm. This bike comes with a price tag of Rs 5,118,750.

1250 GSA

BMW bikes in Pakistan

The 1250 GSA is also an adventure bike. It has a tank capacity of 29.9 liters. These types of BMW bikes in Pakistan come with a 1254 cc engine that can produce 136 hp at the rpm of 7750 and 105 lb-ft of torque at 7550 pm. The price of this bike in Pakistan is Rs. 7,411,000. 

Look forward to the availability of BMW bikes in Pakistan so these beasts could roar on the roads.

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