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Are you planning a trip to Switzerland? Do you need recommendations about the best restaurants in Switzerland with a view? We can help. Switzerland is a remarkable piece of heaven on earth. With multiple popular tourist destinations in Europe, this country never fails to win the hearts of tourists. While visiting the top places in Switzerland, you might want to enjoy the best dining experience in the country. To save you time and effort, we have covered a list below.

Top Restaurants in Switzerland With Breathtaking Views

The following list contains the best dining picks in Switzerland to help you plan your vacation. Let’s dive right in.

GodswäRgjistubu Restaurant

In the heart of Albinen’s picturesque mountain village lies a hidden gem, the renowned restaurant GodswäRgjistubu. Owned by Sasha-Tsering Tsokhim, a local healer with a rich Tibetan heritage, this establishment offers a unique experience that goes beyond a typical dining affair.

GodswäRgjistubu Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Switzerland

Sasha-Tsering takes guests on an enchanting journey into the wild, unveiling the secrets of mountain herbs that have been cherished for their therapeutic properties for generations. It’s a guided adventure where you’ll learn not only about the incredible healing potential of alpine plants but also how to forage for delectable wild treasures like arugula, cherries, and strawberries. For those with specific dietary preferences, GodswäRgjistubu is a haven. Vegetarians and vegans will find delight in knowing that every dish served here is sourced from organic alpine gardens, meadows, and woods.

La Marlénaz Restaurant

La Marlénaz is a lovely mountain restaurant in Verbier, Switzerland, located in the pastures of Etablons la Tzoumaz. It’s a top pick for those seeking the best restaurants in Switzerland. With its sunny deck, diners can enjoy stunning views over Val de Bagnes.

Best Restaurants in Switzerland

Specializing in mountain specialties like raclette, La Marlénaz is the perfect spot for a hearty meal after a day of trekking or skiing. Their local favorite raclette is served with potatoes, pickled onions, and cornichons, creating a delicious mix. Don’t forget to pair it with the local petite arvine wine for a complete dining experience.

Crezerton Hotel Restaurant

Perched atop the grand Crezerton Hotel, which commands a majestic view of the Rhone Valley, lies an extraordinary restaurant. Situated at an impressive altitude of 2112 meters, this establishment holds a storied past. Once a bustling cable car station, it has since transformed into a unique mountain hotel, offering guests an unparalleled experience.

Crezerton Hotel Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Switzerland With a View

The restaurant boasts panoramic views that stretch from the iconic Matterhorn to the majestic Mont-Blanc, providing a spectacular backdrop for a memorable dining experience. Here, you’ll be treated to the very best of Alpine cuisine, where tradition seamlessly melds with modernity. Indulge in Valais specialties with a contemporary twist, all while being captivated by the breathtaking vistas that surround you. It’s a culinary adventure that promises not only exceptional flavors but also an unforgettable visual feast.

Brienzer Rothorn

When it comes to the top restaurants in Switzerland, this one truly stands out for its breathtaking views. Perched on a mountainside, it boasts a balcony that offers one of the most splendid vistas in the area. To reach this elevated dining spot, you can embark on a charming adventure. Take a ride on an old-fashioned mountain train or opt for a cable car that ascends the opposite side of the mountain.

Best Restaurants in Switzerland With a View

Once you arrive, you’ll find yourself immersed in a natural spectacle. Whether you choose a table with views of the serene lake or opt for the short walk to the panoramic lookout just above, you’re in for a visual treat. The scenery itself is a feast for the eyes, making it a memorable experience for most guests. While the focus here is primarily on the awe-inspiring surroundings, it’s worth noting that the cuisine holds its own charm.

Stoos Fronalpstock

If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Switzerland with a view, head to the charming mountain village of Stoos. Your journey begins on the world’s steepest funicular railway, which provides a thrilling ascent. Once you arrive, two chair lifts will whisk you up to the Fronalpstock panorama viewpoint, offering a truly magnificent vantage point.

At the very top, you’ll find a restaurant with both self-service and table-service options. While the self-service café is fairly standard, the table service restaurant truly shines. It exudes a delightful ambiance, creating the perfect setting to savor a meal while taking in the breathtaking views that surround you.

Grandhotel Giessbach

Another name on the list of the best Swiss restaurants with a view is the Grandhotel Giessbach. Located in a spectacular setting, it offers a magnificent patio that provides sweeping views of either the awe-inspiring waterfalls or the tranquil blue waters of Lake Brienz.

Grandhotel Giessbach

Getting to this extraordinary location is an adventure in itself. From the charming towns of Brienz or Interlaken, embark on a short ferry boat ride to reach the falls. Once there, a delightful funicular ride takes you up to the Grandhotel Giessbach, offering a panoramic view that will leave you in awe. Within the hotel, you’ll discover three distinct restaurants, each offering its own culinary delights. Additionally, for those on the go, there’s a convenience store where you can grab a quick bite.

Final Verdict

Finding the best restaurants in Switzerland with a view is not as difficult as it sounds. The country is full of breathtaking sites for tourists coming from across the globe. We hope the above list comes in handy when heading to Switzerland for a fun-filled vacation.

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