Best Asian Countries For Pakistanis to Get Live Dealer Training and Jobs

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Asia has some of the largest and most impressive casinos in the world. Countries like Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan can provide exceptional service in their casinos because of the people that serve clients in these facilities. There is an investment in training to ensure quality standards are maintained.


With over 750,000 Pakistanis stated to have emigrated in November 2022, it only makes sense for those wanting to pursue a career within the iGaming industry, to find countries that resonate with this interest. Fortunately, some institutions offer training for would-be dealers.

What Qualities are Required to Be a Live Dealer?

A dealer has to possess qualities that help make them the best they can be in the job. Though training is required, some of these skills can be refined or just innate.


Good communication skills are required to endure good interpersonal as well as the required customer service delivery. Being able to communicate in a tactful and friendly manner to ensure players understand the deals made.


While dealing, the dealer also has to make quick mental calculations, therefore being quick on your feet helps.  This all requires stamina as games can be long and physically taxing during a shift.

Where Can You Find Training?

Large casinos invest in training centers that can provide training to prospective candidates. The courses offered for dealers focus on popular games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, and other table games. The courses teach not just the basics, but all that is required to make a good table game dealer.


The classes are comprised of mock casino environments, making it easy to see why some  Pakistani trainees would one day like to hear the phrase,  live dealer casino now available for everyone in Pakistan, as it would give them the option to work in their industry of interest.


Assessment is based on knowledge and skill achieved to be a proficient dealer. Learners are evaluated on the real floor to fulfill the complete qualification requirements of the course.

Things to Consider in Case You Need to Relocate

The visa is top of the list of considerations if you would have to move to another country. Be familiar with the currency and work out daily expenses such as transport, rental, food cost, and more.


Keep an open mind and expect the unexpected. As in every new situation, there is bound to be a level of discomfort. Learn as much as you can about the company you will be working with, the culture, and the language. The transition is made smoother if you can make friends fast.

Career Progression in Gambling

The training courses also offer skills for other career possibilities within the industry as well. The training simulation provides the opportunity for the candidate to see first-hand what it entails to manage the casino floor.


Being able to accommodate customers in an amicable mannerism. Managing staff workflow, and tending to inquiries while at the same time monitoring performance.


Other career options include coding, graphic design, and customer service representatives among others from which to make a selection.


The industry is open to a variety of foreign nationals due to the influx of tourists who inject revenue into the economy. Pakistani nationals are welcome to gain access to these markets.


Online platforms have not only broadened market access but have also opened new employment opportunities. Land-based casinos that have experienced a slump in clients can reach online casino platforms to remain in business. This means they are always on the lookout for dealers who can professionally represent them through online live gaming.









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