BJP Rule is “Politics of Deception”

IndiaBJP Rule is "Politics of Deception"

By Ashok Panday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have claimed repeatedly that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a law which provides citizenship to Indian rather to deprive them of their nationality.


However, the fact is that they are hoodwinking the Indian people on the issue in the similar fashion as they did on the issue of monetization.

It is very easy and simple to understand as why we are against the NRC. It is ever first time in the history of the India since independence that citizenship is being given in the name of religion in sheer violation of the Indian constitution.

The preamble of the constitution reads, “We the people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic”. In Indian, citizenship is given on the basis of birth, by descent, by acquisition, by registration and by naturalization.

However, firstly, it’s just like as ten people rushed towards someone to escape brutality and persecution; however out of them eight were provided support while two were refused any assistance only because they are Muslims and Jewish.

In the Citizenship Amendment Act, PM Modi and Amit Shah not only left the Muslims but even Jewish are not mentioned excluded; however, no one telling about the Jewish, as efforts are being made to create polarization in India.

Secondly, three countries are specifically mentioned there, as migrants came from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan would be given citizenship, which are Muslim majority states so what message is being conveyed to the Muslims of India?

A perception is being created in the mind of Indian that only non-Muslims are being victimized and Muslims are doing all these brutalities and persecutions but that’s not the truth. It is reality that when Tamils of Sri Lanka faced brutalities they run towards India.

The truth is that when Christians faced persecutions in Nepal they came to India. The truth is that when Tibetans are being victimized in China, they came to India to escape state brutalities and Dalai Lama is the best example of it.

Truth is that Muslims, who were persecuted in Burma, came to India. So, they didn’t mention any of these states in the law but only the three Muslims majority countries in order to create perception that only Muslims are the transgressors and persecutors.

Thirdly, a specific date has been mentioned in the law that only those religiously persecuted minorities would be provided citizenship who entered India on or before 31 December 2014. So what’s the logic behind the December 31, 2014, as there is no logic rather it is an arbitrary date.

Family of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the fifth President of India, is missing from the NRC list.

Does it mean that persecutions and brutalities came to an end after December 31, 2014 after Narendra Modi coming into power? So our protest and fight is against this arbitrariness. The last thing which we want to say is that why we are protesting against the NRC which is only implemented in Assam hitherto.

We have to learn a lesson from NRC in Assam where over 1.9 million people are missing in the NRC of which only 0.5 million are Muslims while the rest 1.4 million are non-Muslims.

They gave message to the non-Muslims that 0.5 million Muslims would be sent back in detention centers in Bangladesh and the rest would be given citizenship under CAA.

But we need to understand that PM Modi and Amit Shah are even not Hindus as they are fraudsters as Modi is a shopkeeper and is running his shop only and is deluding the Hindus.

The Hindu who are not protesting against the CAA and NRC and are supporting Modi should listen that a 65-year-old Dulal Chandra who died after remaining two years in detention center was a Hindu. The entire family names are included in NRC except Dulal Chandra so what is this it’s just a joke and a fraud, these people are doing fraud with Indian.

How it is possible that over 1.9 million people entered India illegally and even the government didn’t have any knowledge about them.

A retired Indian Air Force (IAF) Chabindra Sharma has been excluded from the final updated NRC list, who served in the IAF for 38 years.

Similarly, a 35-year-old Somatho Div died after reaming in detention center for one year.  They might be from poor family background due to which they might have failed to prove their nationality. A retired Indian Air Force (IAF) Chabindra Sharma has been excluded from the final updated NRC list, who served in the IAF for 38 years.

Those who are supporting the law that it is against the Muslims should bear in mind that it is against the Indian as a whole and it is a black law.

Muhammad Sanullah, who fought against Pakistan in Kargil war, was not included in NRC so who will respond to it.

Moreover, the whole family of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the fifth President of India, is missing from the NRC list, while the name of Syeda Anwara Taimur, who remained Chief Minister Assam, is also not included in the list.

When these well-known people could not prove their nationality how 30 percent of people in India, who earn only 36 rupees a day, could prove their identity?

All these 1.9 million people are the citizens of this country and PM Modi and Amit Shah are deceiving people but due to acute poverty they failed to prove their nationality.

Muhammad Sanullah, who fought against Pakistan in Kargil war, was not included in NRC so who will respond to it.

Amit Shah says that Aadhar, Election I card, Pan Card, Passport, Identity Card and birth certificate are not enough to prove citizenship so what left behind to proof nationality?

Modi came to power through voter cards but even these not sufficient to prove nationality now. Similarly, Indians are identified abroad through their passports; but in India passports are not enough to prove once Indian citizenship, which is a matter of shame.

Article 326 of the Constitution says that only citizen of India and who is not less than twenty-one years of age is eligible to vote in the elections, so these people are violating article 326 of the constitution.

Modi says those who are against CAA is against the state which is absurd as our fight is against Modi not against the state, as the government just comes for five years to rule while the state has to remain forever.

There is difference between the government and the state, which needs to be understood, so our fight is against the government.

Name of Syeda Anwara Taimur, who remained Chief Minister Assam, is also not included in NRC list.

We will fight with every government which tries to amend the constitution. Our fight is even not with BJP and Modi but their heads and RSS which is behind Modi.

We need to understand Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is against the state and we are not against the state.

RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi through Nathuram Vinayak Godse who promoting the idea of militant Hinduism so Mahatma is the real Hindu not the Nathuram.

RSS did not allow hoisting national flag in its head office for around 52 years and we are protesting under the national flag not under the Bhagwa Jhanda.

Golwalkar in his book Bunch of Thoughts writes that Indian constitution is a mere ‘hotchpotch’, while Modi considers him his guru.

Therefore, our fight is against Golwalkar thought and we have to defeat such thinking. If Modi has the courage he just once says ‘Golwalkar murdabad’ death to Golwalkar; however, he will never do so otherwise RSS will replace him with someone else within no time.

They people are following Savarkar ‘Hindutva’. We have to fight against Savarkar and their ideology these people will wipe out automatically.

Savarkar in his book ‘Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History’ justified rape so those who are protesting in support of the rapists are his followers.

Modi derived the idea of detention centers from Golwalkar, who writes in his book ‘We or Our Nationhood Defined’ that we have to learn from Adolf Hitler as how he did the genocide and killed six million Jewish in detention centers. So these people are following Hitler, Golwalkar and Savarkar.

It is evident that those who tread on the path of the Hitler will face death like him. Therefore, our fight is not only against RSS and Modi, but also against the books and their ideology and if we succeeded in defeating their mentality now, the new generation will not face similar situation in the time to come.

Note: Ashok Panday is a JNU Student.

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