Bizarre tradition: All family men have just one wife in Indian village

In a weird tradition being followed in an Indian village, just one daughter-in-law is shared by all men in a house, and even they engage in marital intercourse with the same woman.

There is a small Indian village near Judhirtun where a very strange tradition is being followed for years as part of a marriage custom, only one daughter-in-law is a brought to a house which though have two, five or even 10 unmarried men.

The dwellers of the village depend upon farming for living, and they are of the view that they follow the tradition to avoid the land distribution among the heirs in the future.

In that village, there are several houses in which five or even 10 brothers have only one wife, according to a report posted on

One of the village dweller told a US newspaper that we all brothers establish sexual relationship with just one wife, and no one gets jealous of anyone.

Though as per law, the eldest brother is the actual husband of the ‘only wife’.

And the most astonishing fact is that no father knows that who are his children, and likewise no child knows about his father.

The villager told that they have been following this tradition for years, and hoped that it would continue in their tribe in the future as well.

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