BISE Multan announced 9Th Class Results 2015


Multan, Pakistan: Board of intermediate and Secondary Education, Multan is announcing 9th class result today.

Board is very important for people living in south of Pakistani Punjab and this board was constituted under the West Pakistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (Multan and Sargodha) Ordinance, 1968 (now repealed) out of Lahore Board. It is now being governed under the Punjab Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Act, 1976.

This Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Multan was established on 30th March 1968. Board was established through an ordinance of Government of West Pakistan and then bill was passed by the Assembly of Pakistan on 24, May during a meeting

In the beginning, Camp Office of Multan board started working in the Government Central Training College Lahore Lower Mall Lahore. It was thereafter shifted to Multan headquarter. In the beginning Quetta, Kallat, Bahawalpur and Multan including Dera Ghazi Khan was included in the Multan Board.

In 1968, Quetta and kallat started working separately, in1978 Bahawal Pur Board was established and started working separately. In 1982, Dera Ghazi Khan Board was separated from Multan Board. Now Board Of Intermediate And Secondary Education is working in every district

Multan District
Khanewal District
Vehari District
Lodhran District
The above mentioned districts are under the jurisdiction of Board of intermediate and secondary education Multan. The students belonging to these areas have to apply for their Matric or Intermediate level examinations to BISE Multan.

This is very historic board of Punjab and one of the oldest. Students passed from Multan Board lead many educational spheres of Pakistan including medicines, armed forces, journalism and engineering. Multan is known for its good examination system.

BISE Multan announced 9Th Class Results on August 21, 2015.

This result can be seen to click this link

Fee Structure for student is as follow:


1. Duplicate Certificate
i)                   Ordinary 3000
ii)                  Urgent 4000
2. Attempt Certificate
i)                    Ordinary 2000
ii)                  Urgent 3000
3. Duplicate Result Card
i)                   Ordinary 900
ii)                  Urgent 1500
4. Detailed Marks Certificate
i)                    Ordinary 700
ii)                  Urgent 1000
5. Triplicate Certificate
i)                   Ordinary 4000
ii)                  Urgent 6000
6. Migration (School & College) 1500
7. Combined Certificate
i)                    Ordinary 1000
ii)                  Urgent 1500
8. No Objection Certificate (NOC) 1500
9. Change of Subject 400
10. Change of Group 1200
11. Position/Merit Certificate
i)                   Ordinary 505
ii)                  Urgent 555
12. Original Before Time Certificate (OBTC)
i)                   Ordinary 1255
ii)                  Urgent 1355
13. Spelling Correction in Name/Father’s Name
i)             Within 2 years of passing SSC/Inter Exam:
ii)           Within 5 years 2000
iii)         Within 10 years 3000
iv)          After 10 years 4000
14. Correction in Inter Certificate on the basis of SSC
i)                   Within 2 years of passing SSC Exam:
ii)                  Within 5 years 2000
iii)                Within 10 years 3000
iv)                After 10 years 4000
15. Correction in Date of Birth
i)                    Within 2 years of passing SSC Exam: 1100
ii)                  Within 5 years 2100
iii)                Within 10 years 3100
iv)                After Ten years 4100
16. Change in Name
i)                    Within 2 years of passing SSC Exam: 1100
ii)                  Within 5 years 2100
iii)                Within 10 years 3100
iv)                After Ten years 4100
17. Change/Correction in Father’s Name
i)                   Within 2 years of passing SSC Exam: 4600
ii)                  Within 5 years 5600
iii)                Within 10 years 6600
iv)                After 10 years 7600
18. Revised Certificate after Correction in Name/Father’s Name/Date of Birth
i)                   Ordinary 100
ii)                  Urgent 405
19. Correction of Roll No. on Answer Book 1000
20. Verification of Certificate (within country) 750
21. Attestation of Certificate (abroad) 2500
22. Rechecking of Script (per copy) 1000
23. Various Board’s Forms 100
24. Duplicate Roll#/Practical Slip 300
25. Duplicate Registration/ Enrolment Card 500
26. Defaulter Fee 100
27. Certificate  Fee 600
28. Correction of Roll No. on Admission Form 350
29. Paper Cancellation Fee 100
30. Option Change 1050
31. Appeal Fee against the decision of  all kind of Committees 1500
32. Review petition against the decision of Appellate Committee 3000
33. Missing of Batch for Practical Examination
i)   Same Lab. & Same Examiner 1500
ii) Same Lab. & Changed Examiner 2000
iii) Changed Lab./Examiner
34. Inspection Fee of Affiliation (First visit) 15000
35. Revisit Fee of Institution 10000
36. Annual Fee of Institution 10000
37. Affiliation Book 500
38. Endowment Fund (Schools) 35000
39. Endowment Fund (HSS/Colleges) 95000
40. Certified Copy of Board’s document 1000
41. Undelivered Certificate Fee 150
42. Correction in Registration Return 150
(Per candidate)

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