BISE Faisalabad 9th class result has been announced


Faisalabad, Pakistan: Since the matriculation results are posted by BISE Faisalabad and more results are to follow. We talk about the results and the positives we see. We analyzed the results and yet again are quiet happy to see a trend, the trend of more and more girls coming towards education. Faisalabad is one of the major cities of the province and it is indeed great to see that girls dominating boys in the results. You may be wondering why is that important, this is what we discuss.

BISE Faisalabad 9th class result has been announced

Pakistan suffers illiteracy and is among the least educated nations. One reason being the culture that in the early days restricted women to get outside or attend any school. A culture that found education only worthy for male, if ever at all. Women are mothers and they are the primary source to a child’s education and upbringing, an educated women is the key to an educated child or a responsible citizen. If the mothers aren’t educated, it is very unlikely they will bring their child in the right way. Women also form a big part of our society, and more than 40% of our population. Educating women can also empower the household financially, you may not be in favor of working women – that’s a different topic altogether. Education is a key to success and mothers play the most important role in any person’s success you should not put the too away.

The rural areas of our country still have cultures that restrict women to get an education. It is quiet saddening, but the positives in areas like Faisalabad and other cities can not be undermined as well.

Examination authorities like BISE Faisalabad play their role too and must be appreciated as well. Click here to check your 9th class result of 2015 examination

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