Birth Certificate In Pakistan From Union Councils And E-Khidmat Markaz

Birth Certificate In Pakistan

Every citizen of Pakistan has a legal identity in the form of a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). The children who are born also need legal registration. So, every Union Council issues a birth certificate for the children who are born in that area. The local government issues this certificate through different means. You can either get a Birth Certificate through Union Council or E-Khidmat Markaz. Here is a simple procedure how to get a Birth Certificate in Pakistan.

How To Get a Birth Certificate In Pakistan Through Union Council?

Birth Certificate In Pakistan

For getting a Birth Certificate in Pakistan through Union Council, these are the documents that you need:

  1. CNIC copy of Parents
  2. Birth certificate issued by the hospital or traditional birth attendant
  3. Certificate form provided by Union Council with signature and thumb impression.

Birth Certificate Fee Of Union Council

In Punjab, the fee for birth registration is free. However, Rs. 100 will be charged for a Computerized Birth Certificate. The fee may vary according to the province but it is not too costly.

It takes up to 3 days to give Birth Certificates for normal registration. If there is a late registration, it takes up to 7 to 20 days.

How To Get a Birth Certificate From E-Khidmat Markaz in Punjab?


Birth Certificate In Pakistan

E-Khidmat Markaz provides convenient services to the citizens through its website, helpline or SMS. This is a reliable source for getting legal documents in lesser time than ever. For getting a Birth Certificate through E-Khidmat Markaz, you need the following documents:

  • Filled application form
  • Two recent photographs of child
  • Original and copy of CNIC of applicant
  • Original CNIC and copy of Father, mother, and grandfather.
  • Original and a copy of the Birth slip issued by the hospital
  • Fee
  • For a birth within 61 days and 7 years, you need to provide a vaccination card, school certificate, or hospital’s birth certificate.
  • You also need to provide Attested Affidavit Rs. 50 (2 witnesses) if the birth occurred at home.

E-Khidmat Markaz allows you to track your request for the birth certificate through different means. You can either choose the E-Khidmat Markaz website or Mobile App. The helpline to track your application is (0800-09100) and the SMS gateway is (9100).

Birth certificate fee

If you apply for a Birth Certificate in Pakistan via E-Khidmat Markaz, you will have to pay Rs. 200 within 60 days of birth. The institution will issue the certificate in 7 days.


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