Bipin Rawat resetting Indian democratic standards

OpinionBipin Rawat resetting Indian democratic standards

By Nasreen Jehan (real name withheld on the request of writer)

Nobody could imagine just 4 years ago that an Indian Army Chief can intervene in domestic politics but today it is reality that former Army Chief Bipin Rawat was (is) operational to reset Indian norms of tolerance and democratic standards.

His comments on CAA, NRC protests triggers concerns and he found himself in the midst of a massive row after he publicly criticized people leading protests over the new citizenship law, saying leadership is not about guiding masses to carry out arson and violence across the country.

Now he is awarded with a newly established Office within Indian Army ranks—Chief of Defence Staff. There is no doubt left that Indian Army is getting extra space within democratic system slowly but surely and eventually has become operational in civilian decision making process and would soon jump to Sole Decision Maker position —may be in next 5 to 10 years.

This first move of Indian Army to share power with political system is opening a path for “more offers” to Army by the future elected governments to follow whatever The King Prime Minister would desire to do.

Rule is simple— Show your Role to toe BJP agenda and get award what you could never thought just half a decade ago.

Indian newspapers reported that his (Rawat) comments evoked sharp reactions from opposition leaders, activists and military veterans who accused him of making political remarks, thereby compromising the long-held convention in the Army of not wading into political matters.

“Leaders are not those who lead people in inappropriate directions, as we are witnessing in a large number of university and college students, the way they are leading masses of crowds to carry out arson and violence in our cities and towns. This is not leadership,” said Rawat at a health summit.

Bipin Rawat is operational to reset Indian norms of tolerance and democratic standards
Bipin Rawat is operational to reset Indian norms of tolerance and democratic standards

“A leader is one person who leads you in the correct direction. Gives you the right advice and then ensures that you care for the people you live for,” he added.

My India is definitely changing. A country with strong democratic and secular image has transformed in few years to a radical and polarized society.

Modi and BJP has taken all state institutions and seats of power hostage to their ideology. Rawat is the latest victim who has politicized his office and soon Indian Army shall become a personal property of BJP.

This trend shall be followed in Indian Air Force and Indian Navy too and thereon Modi’s grip on Indian state shall be completed after he has engulfed media, judiciary and other state departments.

India which used to taunt neighboring countries for violation of Human Rights, excessive role of Army, trembling economies and having sensitive social fault-lines is now subject and object whatever it had been criticizing in past.

Gone my school’s days when class-fellows were just class-fellow over and above their ethnic, religious and social status in Delhi. Now Delhi is divided into Hindu Delhi— Dalit Delhi—Sikh Delhi, Muslim Delhi etc etc. But I still believe Delhi is Delhi and it will later or sooner reclaim whatever it is losing today.

Look at JNU and Jamia incidents. There was no divide when students came out to save their Muslims friends and those who are protesting aainst NRC and CAA.

I want to send some lines to Prime Minister Modi.

Mr. Prime Minister,

You are just a micro unit in the History Book of India. We braved several ruthless rulers from almost all religions before. Our DNA survived together. It will survive again but history would never forget cruel actions of BJP and sinister and unconstitutional support of Indian Army and Media to your Unprecedented Stupid Rule.

Best Regards Mr Prime Minister


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