Bicycle Price In Pakistan 2022 | Best Brands & Models

Bikes in PakistanBicycle Price In Pakistan 2022 | Best Brands & Models

Decades back, bicycles were the most common means of intracity travel. Adults and children purchased bicycles alike. With motorcycles slowly replacing the trend of bicycles in Pakistan, bicycles are limited to specific users now. While this is true, some bicycle brands in Pakistan continued to grow their market across the country. People use bicycles for various purposes. They use it to travel to work, for physical fitness, and for leisure purposes. If you want to know the bicycle price in Pakistan as of this year, we have covered all the details you need to know.

There are a few brands in Pakistan that established a strong footprint in the local market. Let’s look at their details and popular bicycle models in Pakistan.


Best Bicycles In Pakistan

Speed Bicycles

Regarding making a wise choice, Speed Bicycles is an ideal option to get your next bicycle. The company has launched many models over the years. You can find them in the local bicycle markets.

Bicycle Price In Pakistan

You can find fast-running bicycles with modern designs and solid frames. The Speed Bicycles are currently one of the best-sellers in the market.

26-Inch Foldable

The 26-inch Foldable Speed Bicycle is the top choice of young riders. The bicycle has a unique design with a durable frame. You can find 26-inch wheels providing a strong road grip to the bike. You can ride it on different terrains comfortably. The biggest highlight of the bicycle is its foldable structure. You can easily fold it and keep it in your car’s trunk. If you want to test your bicycle speeding skills, this might be your bike.

26-Inch Bicycle Price In Pakistan

The 26-inch Foldable bicycle price in Pakistan is PKR 25,000.

24-Inch Bicycle

This model comes with 24-inch wheel size and a 21-speed gear body. You can comfortably speed up to 30mph and even more if you ride too well. The 24-inch Speed Bicycles model is indeed a good option in the competitive market.

24-Inch Bicycle Price In Pakistan

The 24-inch Speed Bicycles model is available in the local market for PKR 23,000.


Morgan is another name in the bicycle market of Pakistan. The company has developed a positive market over the years. Morgan’s bicycles have always been a class apart in the local market. They have a unique design and frame. Moreover, the quality of bicycles is more than satisfactory.

Bicycle Price In Pakistan

Morgan’s bicycles may impress you much if you have a thing for old-generation bicycles. The company has a trustable reputation in the competitive market. You can find the classiest bicycle models at the company’s dealerships.

14-Inch Blue Cruiser Bicycle

The 14-inch cruiser has the potential to take you back to your bicycle fantasies. The bike has some extraordinary features that you may not find in other bicycles. You can find a retro truss fork rod with a traditional seating style and adjustable handles. You can also make adjustments to the seat. The bicycle comes with removable training wheels. You can remove them once you are confident.

14-Inch Bicycle Price in Pakistan

The price of the 12-inch Morgan bicycle in Pakistan is PKR 41,999.

20-Inch Bicycle

If you like to upscale the adventure, the 20-inch Morgan bicycle is a perfect option for you. The bicycle has a lightweight aluminum frame that is ideal for rougher terrains. The bike features a Shimano gear system, allowing it to speed up and down seamlessly. Apart from the basic features, you can find disc brakes with a dual suspension system. You can test your 20-inch Morgan bicycle on some of the toughest terrains.

20-Inch Bicycle Price In Pakistan

The 20-inch Morgan bicycle is available across the country for PKR 30,500.


Sohrab is an old competition in the bicycle and motorbike market of Pakistan. The company established its footprint in the local market in the 1960s. From classic models to modern bicycles, Sohrab has covered an astonishing journey, winning the customers’ trust.

Bicycle Price In Pakistan

The company has also gained positive feedback on its modern bicycles, mostly popular for their traditional cycle. Sohrab bicycles are one of the most affordable options in the local bicycle market of Pakistan.

22-Inch Standard Bicycle

The one-of-a-kind traditional black bicycle has a market of its own. The Sohrab Standard bicycle has created a large customer base all over Pakistan. The bicycle has 22-inch wheels and can carry a heavy load conveniently. The heavy frame makes it suitable for tough terrains. A drawback of this bicycle is its speed. You may need to push it too much to get more speed out of your bicycle.

22-Inch Standard Price In Pakistan

You can find the Sohrab Standard 22-inch bicycle in Pakistan for PKR 15,000.


All of the above bicycle brands have established a reliable market across Pakistan. You can check out the different models on the official company websites to make your buying decision.

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