Bibi Mariam Village in Darzab Afghanistan housing western terrorists of Daesh

Bibi Mariam Village in Darzab Afghanistan housing western terrorists of Daesh

Monitoring Desk: The village of Bibi Mariam in Darzab town of Jowzjan Province of Afghanistan has become latest camp of western terrorists of Islamic State commonly known as Daesh.


According to information, women, children and men have been seen in camp belonging to different nationalities who are soldiers of Daesh.

District governor Baaz Mohammad Dawar claimed that Daesh terrorists are gathering in area after crossing Afghan-Tajik border. He claimed that European women were among the terrorists pouring in from Tajikistan and were travelling with a translator from Tajikistan.

He further claimed that Chechens and Uzbeks fighters of Daesh are also located in the camp.

Meanwhile, French News agency AFP reported that European and Afghan security sources in Kabul confirmed that French citizens were among the fighters gathering in Darzab Town.

It is interesting to note that Daesh is spreading from eastern Nangarhar to northern Darzab Town without any interception from US military presence in Afghanistan.

British Newspaper “The Sun” reported that it is the first time that the presence of French ISIS fighters has been recorded in Afghanistan and analysts suggest Brits may be heading for Afghanistan.

It is pertinent to mention that US President Trump and US administration blame neighbouring Pakistan for housing Afghan Taliban but no action is yet to be taken against foreign terrorists belonging to Daesh who are relocating from Middle East to Afghanistan.

Presence of Daesh in mountainous region of Darzab has increased security concerns of Central Asian states particularly Uzbekistan as Darzab is not far away from Afghan-Uzbek border.

Village of Bibi Mariam Darzab Afghanistan which is housing western terrorists of Daesh according to local authorities

Tajikistan is voicing its concern over presence of terrorists in Afghan-Tajik border areas but no serious military action from US military forces has yet been taken against Daesh in Central Asian bordering areas.

Pakistan is also worried as Daesh presence in Kunar and Jalalabad is a serious security risk for a country which is facing the brunt of terrorism since it participated in Afghan-Russo Jihad and then joined western powers in war on terror.


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