Better sense should prevail; PM Imran Khan again offers India to hold talks

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again offered India to resume the dialogue process to resolve their bilateral issues, saying war would lead the two countries nowhere but to catastrophe.

“Better sense should prevail between both our countries. If war is thrust upon nations, then there is little control over its consequences,” Imran khan said in a televised address to the nation on Wednesday.

“Let us open the corridor of negotiations and settle all outstanding issues,” he said.

The prime minister said that all great conflicts are a result of miscalculation. “I ask the people of India, can both our countries afford any miscalculations?” he questioned.

Imran Khan reiterated that Pakistan is ready to talk about the Pulwama incident and open negotiations to discuss all disputes.

Talking about the aerial engagement between Pakistani and Indian air forces jets, Imran Khan also confirmed that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down two Indian fighter jets and captured two Indian pilots.

The prime minister said that the intent was to show India that we can and would respond if aggression would be thrust upon us.

“We ensured no casualties and no collateral damage in the operations we undertook,” he said.

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