5 Best Startups in Pakistan that will do well in 2022

A decade back, the picture of startup culture in Pakistan was quite blurry. The general public was only familiar with a fixed set of companies reigning across the country to facilitate people. While this may be valid, the recent and drastic measures taken in IT and eCommerce have improved the scenario. Now there is a long list of startups in Pakistan offering services that we had never seen locally before. Here, we are going to talk about the top 5 startups of Pakistan that are bound to do really well in 2022


Moreover, the popularity of these startups has vigorously increased over the past few years. If you are wondering what the common factor of growth and success of these startups is, the answer is a single word ‘Digitalization’. Many service providers have witnessed evident growth across the country by opting for online customer interaction platforms. Let’s look at the ten best startups in Pakistan that contribute primary time in revolutionizing business models suitable for the local public. 

The Best Startups You Should Not Ignore



Another rising startup in Pakistan is Tajir. As the name suggests, Tajir is a business-to-business (B2B) digital platform for small businesses. Smaller companies can easily order their required inventory items from several sellers at competitive prices. Using the Tajir mobile app, you can view, compare, and collect the best deals suitable for your business in just a matter of a few screen taps. As soon as the app was introduced, many small companies shifted to this agile and convenient online platform to manage their inventory. 


Ecommerce has maximized the potential of easy shopping for all sorts of customers. While we discussed a delivery app for food items, Dawaai is a digital health startup platform that works as an online network of pharmacies. Dawaai has enabled customers to view, compare, and order authentic medicines from home comfort. You can go to the Dawaai website and find any medication you need. Moreover, you can also find literature and reviews of medication before you buy. This digital health platform has set a new trend for people across the country to eliminate the hassle of going from store to store to find the required medicine. 


Best Startups in Pakistan

Airlift emerged as a riding service for passengers across the country. Users could download the app and book a seat in the Airlift bus to travel without any hassle in the busiest hours. However, with COVID hitting the globe, Airlift suffered a lot causing it to change its course. The company re-emerged as a home delivery service for customers. By downloading and signing up on the app, users can easily order groceries and food items from the comfort of their homes. This venture has set a whole new foundation for Airlift and continues to succeed all over Pakistan. 


Best Startups in Pakistan

To completely eradicate the need to go to a supermarket and buy groceries for home, GrocerApp has come into action. As the name suggests, GrocerApp is an online app platform for customers to buy all the grocery items for their homes in just a few simple steps. The app shows a list of top sellers to help you choose your vendor. You can also find deals and offers to save you money while sitting comfortably at your home. What else would one need? 


Cheetay has reaped success in the local digital market in a concise amount of time. Following the footsteps of Foodpanda, Cheetay has established a firm foot in the market by offering customers just what they need. It means that you can choose grocery items, medicines, or food from one app and place an order in a matter of a few seconds. By analyzing the needs and demands of customers accurately, this home delivery app continues to increase its customer base with each passing day. Just like some of the other delivery services mentioned above, Cheetay also gives special offers and discount deals to customers.  

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