5 Best Shoe Brands For Men In Pakistan | 2023

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Recent years have been fortunate for shoe enthusiasts in Pakistan. Not many years ago, finding a reliable shoe brand in Pakistan was challenging. Despite the monopoly of the few local brands, males struggled to find a high-end variety of shoes. So let’s discuss the five best Shoe Brands for men in this article.

If you are among those, you will be glad to discover plenty of options in the shoe market nowadays. Whether you need shoes for casual gatherings or formal occasions, you can find numerous brands nationwide. By the end of this read, you will have all the details about some of the best shoe brands for men in Pakistan.


As men do not have a lot of ornamental options to keep their appearance, shoes can play a significant role in uplifting outfits. Shoes hold the ability to depict the whole personality of a person. Psychology says people focus on your feet and footwear to judge you firsthand. So, always put a lot of thought before choosing your footwear. There are some of the best shoe brands for men in Pakistan where you can get footwear for all occasions and create an impact with every step you take. So let’s dig into the details.

Famous Pakistani Shoe Brands for Men

If you are looking to buy quality shoes for any special occasion, there are many shoe brands available in Pakistan that you can trust. We have compiled the list and details of the top 5 brands for you to choose from.

Bata Shoes

Best shoe brands for men in Pakistan

Bata is Pakistan’s most famous footwear brand, from school shoes, casual wear slippers, joggers, and formal shoes. Men can get a wide range of shoes from Bata at an affordable price. The designs are contemporary and keep changing according to the trends, so you never stay behind in any fashion. There is a wide range for men of all ages. Bata will never go hard on your pocket due to its affordable prices.

Along with the price, the durability and quality are up to the mark as Bata is an international brand with over 1 million daily sales. So, buy one of the pairs of shoes and never find a need to mend it every other day. Bata shoes will last with you for years. All sizes are available. Whether you need a small or large shoe, Bata has them all.


Best shoe brands for men in Pakistan

Nike is an international brand with recognition all over the world because of its high quality and simply attractive articles. Precisely, Nike shoes have not match any other brand in Pakistan. Although they are expensive, investing in a nice pair of shoes can cost you some. A high price is worth spending because of the styles and the ultimate quality.

Whether you are a fitness freak, an active sportsman, or an office employee, Nike has always got your back regarding footwear. With a swoosh sign on every shoe and the message “Just do it,” you can accomplish anything as soon as you step into Nike Shoes.

Borjan Shoes

Best shoe brands for men in Pakistan

Borjan Shoes is Pakistan’s most affordable footwear brand, making it quite popular among the middle and elite classes. It specializes in offering an elegant range of formal shoes, chappals, and sandals for men. So, if you want a traditional chappal and sandal that would go with Shalwar kameez or an elegant pair of formal or oxford shoes for a western outfit, visit Borjan Shoes. The branches are scattered all over Pakistan to get your fashionable footwear. Enjoy the most affordable prices with uncompromising quality shoes. Along with footwear, you can get wallets, studs, and belts for men under one roof.

Unze London

Best shoe brands for men in Pakistan

Unze London has gone popular in Pakistan for a few years since 2015. It established its setup in 1989 and decided to open its first flagship in Pakistan in 2010. Unze London was famous all over the world, which opened prospects for the brand by having a large number of potential customers. Although it is an international brand, making it seem highly expensive, it is not. Unze London provides an affordable range of footwear for all classes.

They have a wide range of footwear for men—boots, Peshawari Chappals, Casual sandals, trainers, slippers, and shoes. You can get slip-on moccasins or lace-up shoes for all your occasions. So, step into the Unze store with high-quality, fashionable, and comfortable footwear. To top them all, avail yourself of the exchange policy and a lifetime refund so everyone can afford high-quality shoes.

Hush Puppies

Best shoe brands for men in Pakistan

Hush Puppies is a local Pakistani footwear market giant that claims to have been working since 1958. The reason for its long-lasting existence in the market is the premium quality footwear that can make you impress everyone. Regarding men’s footwear, Hush Puppies specializes in providing high-quality and affordable footwear for men in Pakistan. They offer a wide range of categories, from formal to casual. You will be impressed by the designs. Because people’s demands do not stay the same, Hush Puppies know how to respond to these changes at the right time to maintain customer loyalty.

We hope you liked reading about the best shoe brands for men in Pakistan as of 2022. Feel free to check out the official brand websites to find out more.

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What is the best shoe brand in Pakistan for men?
  • Bata
  • Nike
  • Borjan
  • Unze London
  • Hush Puppies
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