Best Makeup Artists In Lahore For Bridal Look

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The wedding season is finally upon us, and this is the reason we have taken it upon ourselves to help you with the wedding preparations. If you have been following us, you know we have been posting blogs about different aspects. Today, we are here for all the brides to be in Lahore looking to find a salon for the perfect bridal look.

Let’s take a look at some of the best makeup artists for the bridal look in Lahore:


Mariam Khawaja

We know we started the list with her due to her amazing work, but we also know she might not be the right one for everyone. To those who can afford her steep prices, Mariam is a makeup magician. She is perfect for all those who want light makeup to pair well with their lighter color joras.Best Makeup Artists In Lahore For Bridal Look

If you want to be a bride that people can look from afar and tell she looks spectacular, Mariam’s makeup wands will do their job.

Madiha Qaiser

Again, if you aren’t a big fan of traditional brides who look the same, Madiha Qaiser is the one you should be considering. She has an edgy signature look which is contemporary, a definite in the makeup world at the moment.

You will have to spend a middle-budget, but for what she offers, it is definitely worth it.

Fatima Nasir

Fatima might not be the most experienced one among the others mentioned in the list, but she is the one we root for the most isn’t wrong. The best part about her makeup looks is that they aren’t the same for all. She gives individual attention to every bride and customized the look accordingly. From traditional brides to the contemporary and western looks, Fatima Nasir is good at all.

Fatima also has specialized airbrushed, flawless treatment, so that’s another reason for you to choose her.

Numra Waqas

Numra Waqas has stepped up her and her bride’s game within no time. If you are vying for a look that’s popping, shimmery and highlighted to the best, we recommend you visit her. Among other things, her hairstyles are the most known. This is her distinguishing character among all the others on this list as well. If you are super finicky about your hair, you should go to no other person than her.

Numra is for all those who want a timeless look and want to look back to their wedding pictures with their kids and think they still look relevant.

Zara Gul

The final name, but Zara Gul is for all the blushing brides. If you want to have rosy cheeks, a decent amount of blush giving you quite an appearance, Zara can do it for you. Her specialty is making you look fresh throughout by keeping your face minimal and only giving a pop through cheeks. We recommend her, especially for day weddings.

Another good thing about her is that she is quite reasonable and has various packages depending on your needs. If you have a limited budget, you should choose her.

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