Best Made in Pakistan Shampoo Brands for Hair Growth

BeautyBest Made in Pakistan Shampoo Brands for Hair Growth

If you are looking for the best made in Pakistan shampoo brands for Hair Growth, you are at the right spot. We have listed down all the top shampoo brands in Pakistan that can help with your hair and scalp problems.

Best Pakistani shampoo brands


What is worse than having everything perfect about your appearance except for your dry, dull, and frizzy hair? The damaged, and dry hair with dandruff shedding from your scalp can ruin your whole day. Therefore, it is vital to invest in some trusted shampoo brands for hair growth. Because a set of luscious, thick, silky, and smooth hair is all you need to make anyone fall in love with you. To avoid this issue, you need to drain your old shampoo bottles and switch to the best made in Pakistan shampoo brands.

Why Choose Made in Pakistan Shampoo Brands?

There are a lot of reasons that will make you think about buying Pakistani shampoos. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Herbal ingredients: Most Pakistani brands use herbal ingredients in their hair care products that prevent damage from harmful chemicals.
  • Sulphate-free shampoos: Pakistani shampoos are sulphate-free and help in cleansing your scalp and hair while retaining the essential moisture and oil for a healthier look.
  • Affordability: Being made in Pakistan, the local shampoos are more affordable than good imported shampoos. They are easily available and bring long-term benefits to your hair health while staying light on your pockets.
  • Promote local business: Supporting Pakistani skin-care and hair-care problems can help local businesses gain confidence. It will promote local production and disdain import culture to stabilize the economy.
  • Specifically formulated: Every region has a distinct environment which affects hair and skin. Therefore, one product may not work well for people all over the world. Therefore, Pakistani shampoos are specifically formulated for Pakistani hair conditions.

List of Best Pakistani Shampoos 2023

Before further ado, it is time to delve into the list of best made in Pakistan shampoo brands for hair fall, strong hair, hair growth, and whatnot. Here are your top options:

  • Conaturals
  • Vince
  • Organic Hub by Taaniya
  • Chiltan Pure
  • Hemani Herbals
  • Saeed Ghani

Conatural Pakistan

Best Pakistani shampoo brands

As the name suggests, Conatural Pakistan is a natural and herbal brand which provides herbal solutions to your hair care problems. This made in Pakistan brand promises to bring cruelty-free organic hair-care products to the customers. All the shampoos offered by Conatural are Halal, Natural and Paraben-free so you can use them without worrying about chemicals frying your hair. With regular use and proper hair care, you can find your hair smooth, silky, strong, moisturised, and thick. Along with shampoo, you can also try their organic oils and conditioner for better results.

Variety and Price

The range of shampoo by Conatural is below with prices of each:

  • Blue Shampoo: PKR 1,650
  • Scalp Comfort Shampoo: PKR 1,999
  • Purple Shampoo: PKR 1,650
  • Hair Growth Shampoo: PKR 1,615
  • Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo: PKR 1,999
  • Hair Volume Shampoo: PKR 1,650
  • Hair Repair Shampoo: PKR 2,745

Vince Care

Best Pakistani shampoo brands

Vince Care hair products are natural and organic and are backed up by science to choose the right combination to treat all your hair problems. Itis one of the best made in Pakistan shampoo brands that have a range of different shampoos that help in treating damaged, dry, and frizzy hair. They help in hair loss and breakage which leads to frizzy and dull looks. The main ingredients in Vince Care shampoos are Argan oil, Biotin and Keratin which have a lasting impact on the health and strength of hair.

Variety and Price

  • Biotin and Keratin Shampoo: PKR 1,090
  • Intense Keratin Shampoo: PKR 1,040
  • Argan Oil and Keratin Shampoo: PKR 1,060

Organic Hub by Taanya

Organic Hub by Taanya is a startup organic beauty, skin-care and hair-care brand in Pakistan. It is famous for its Intense Repair shampoo that helps in hydrating and strengthening your dry and damaged hair. Intense Repair shampoo helps restore moisture and promote hair growth for thick, strong, and damage-free hair. It helps in deep cleansing by cleansing all the scalp building and resulting in a healthier scalp.


Intense Repair Shampoo by Organic Hub by Taanya’s price in Pakistan is PKR 1,490.

Chiltan Pure

Best Pakistani shampoo brands

Chiltan Pure is becoming one of the best renowned Pakistani chemical-free shampoo brands. It has a wide range of shampoo collections for all your hair problems. Every product has a natural active ingredient. From their wide collection, you can pick anyone to treat the hair problem that you are facing. They are made in Pakistan shampoos with natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about chemicals. The whole range of Chiltan Pure shampoos is given below.

Variety and Price

  • Red Onion Shampoo for Regrowth: PKR 1,633
  • Biotin Shampoo for Hydration: PKR 2,627
  • Instant Hair Color Shampoo + Conditioner: PKR 3,000
  • Keratin Shampoo: PKR 1,775
  • Aamla Shampoo: PKR 999
  • Men’s Hair Growth Shampoo: PKR 1,499
  • Fenugreek and Blackseed shampoo: PKR 1,499
  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: PKR 1,599
  • Balchar Shampoo: PKR 1,199
  • Reetha Shampoo: PKR 1,200
  • Aloe Vera Shampoo: PKR 1,150
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo: PKR 1,250
  • Ginger Shampoo: PKR 1,199
  • Bhringraj Shampoo: PKR 1,199
  • Rosemary Hair Growth Shampoo: PKR 1,917
  • Castor Shampoo: PKR 1,399
  • Red Onion Anti HAir-Fall Shampoo: PKR 1,917
  • Taramira Shampoo: PKR 1,199
  • Moringa Shampoo: PKR 1,299
  • Egg Shampoo: PKR 1,199
  • Caffeine Shampoo: PKR 1,250
  • Garlic shampoo: PKR 1,120
  • Baby and Kids Shampoo: PKR 699
  • Sandalwood Shampoo: PKR 1,499
  • Confidence Shampoo: PKR 1,150
  • Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo: PKR 1,399

Hemani Herbals

made in pakistan shampoo

Hemani Herbals is a well-known organic skincare and beauty brand in Pakistan. It is a Halal and ESMA Certified organic company in Pakistan that promises to give nothing but natural and best to its customers. Its chemical-free shampoo range is free from sulphate and contains natural ingredients like coconut, garlic, tea tree and more. They are specially formulated to treat thin, damaged, and dry hair. With regular use and oiling, you can achieve your hair goals. Most of the Hemani Herbals Shampoo range has 2in1 properties. So, you can wash your hair and your body with the same product.

Variety and price

  • Coconuty Allure with Coconut Oil Sulphate Free Shampoo: PKR 1,450
  • Deep Care with Caviar Extract Sulphate Free Shampoo: PKR 1,445
  • Peechay Tou Dekho All in One Shampoo and Body Wash for Kids: PKR 650
  • Garlic shampoo + Lotion: PKR 1,050
  • Intense Care Therapy Aloe Vera Shampoo: PKR 1,445
  • Citrus Boost Shampoo: PKR 1,445
  • Cocoamazing- 2in1 Shampoo and Body Lotion: PKR 1,330
  • Dandruff Free Shampoo: PKR 1,445
  • Egg Shampoo: PKR 1,215
  • Instasafe Antibacterial 2in1 Shampoo+ Body Wash: PKR 1,145
  • Zero Frizz Shampoo with KEratin: PKR 1,445
  • Glossy Soft Shampoo with Pearl: PKR 1,445
  • Repair Shampoo with Silk: PKR 1,445
  • Nettle Shampoo: PKR 760
  • 7in1 Herbs Shampoo: PKR 1,445
  • 7in1 Herbal Shampoo with Caffeine and Tea Tree: PKR 1,365
  • Blooming Bulgaria Rose: PKR 1,445
  • Damage recovery Shampoo with Caviar: PKR 1,445
  • Chill shot Shampoo: PKR 1,445
  • Anti Dandruff + Hair Loss Shampoo Intensive: PKR 1,575
  • Anti Hair Loss Hijab Shampoo: PKR 945
  • Anti Lice Shampoo: PKR 1,045

Saeed Ghani

Best Pakistani shampoo brands

Saeed Ghani is the most affordable yet one of the best made in Pakistan shampoo brands for hair growth. It has all the chemical-free, sulphate-free, and naturally made shampoo range that brings no harm to the natural texture of your hair. You can make your hair luscious, extra nourished, strong, and shiny at an affordable price range.

Variety and Price range

  • Mughziat Extra Nourishment Shampoo: PKR 380
  • Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Shampoo: PKR 340
  • Neem and Mint Refresh Shampoo: PKR 340
  • Aamla Shampoo: PKR 340
  • Argan Oil Shampoo: PKR 380


These are the best made in Pakistan shampoo brands that offer a wide range of shampoo and other hair care products. They are all chemical-free shampoos that help in hair growth and hair fall. These brands have other hair care products like organic oils, conditioners, and serums that can help you achieve your dream hair. So, switch to Pakistan-made shampoo brands and enjoy good hair every day.

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Which shampoo is best for hair growth in Pakistan?

There are a lot of best shampoos for hair growth in Pakistan by the following brands:

  • Conaturals
  • Vince
  • Organic Hub by Taaniya
  • Chiltan Pure
  • Hemani Herbals
  • Saeed Ghani

What shampoo should I use in Pakistan?

It would help if you used Pakistani shampoo brands like:

  • Conaturals
  • Vince
  • Organic Hub by Taaniya
  • Chiltan Pure
  • Hemani Herbals
  • Saeed Ghani

Which shampoo is chemical-free in Pakistan?

There are many chemical-free shampoo options made in Pakistan by brands like Conaturals, Vince, Organic Hub by Taaniya, Chiltan Pure, Hemani Herbals, and Saeed Ghani.



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