Best Korean Dramas That Are Hard To Miss in February 2024

EntertainmentBest Korean Dramas That Are Hard To Miss in February 2024

Best Korean dramas in February

Korean Dramas have recently turned into a huge entertainment sensation among drama lovers. The immense love and attraction are not only because of the captivating beauty of Koreans but also the uniquely stupefying storylines that urge the viewers to watch more. K-dramas offer extreme plot twists for the viewers who find something new and exciting in every drama. Whether you want to watch interesting romance, comedy, action, thriller, or suspense, kdramas have it all to cater to everyone’s watching needs. The coming month of February is bringing viewers closer to the best Korean dramas that are hard to miss. This article includes a list of the upcoming best kdramas that you need to include in your watchlist.


Best Korean Dramas in February 2024

February 2024 is bringing a lot of interesting watch options for kdrama fans. So, if you are a fan, you must watch the following best Korean dramas in the coming month.

  • Branding in Seongsu
  • A Killer Paradox
  • Wedding Impossible
  • The Impossible Heir
  • Marry My Husband
  • Captivating the King
  • Doctor Slump

Branding in Seongsu

Best Korean dramas in February

Branding in Seongsu is a light-hearted body-swap rom-com from South Korea. It stars Kim Ji Eun and Lomon in the lead roles. It starts with a hate-to-love office romance trope with an interesting touch of body-swap technique. The characters, Eun Ho and Kang Na Eun work in the same agency but have innumerable differences and a mutual hatred towards each other.

The story becomes compelling when they get into an unexpected kiss which miraculously switches their souls. Following the kiss, they had to walk in each other’s soul. The show is filled with laughter. To find out if the romance develops, watch the kdrama, Branding in Seongsu starting from 5th February 2024 to 11th March.

A Killer Paradox

Best Korean dramas in February

Get ready for a thrilling run-and-chase drama between a young college boy, Lee Tang and a shrewd detective. The plot twist in this drama is the magical power that the boy possesses. This young boy discovers that he has the mysterious power to detect if someone is a criminal. Thus, he takes the responsibility of bringing justice into his own hands by accidentally killing one after another person. But, the detective cannot accept anyone taking responsibility for justice in his own hands. Choi Woo-shik plays the lead role of Lee Tang in  A Killer Paradox drama. This exciting K-drama begins on February 9, 2024.

Wedding Impossible

Best Korean dramas in February

A fake relationship trope is ready to fill your watch-time with excitement and laughter from 26th February 2024. Wedding Impossible is one of the best upcoming Korean dramas showing a struggling actress, Na Ah-jeong and the heir of a massive company, Lee Do-han. The two come together in a conditional marriage for mutual benefits. Lee Do-han is an heir to a massive company but he needs to get married to inherit the wealth. However, Na Ah-jeong is in quest of a job for which she is ready to accept the role of his fake wife. It stars Kim Do-wan and Jeon Jong-seo in the lead roles. To find out if their fake relationship will sprout love in their hearts, watch Wedding Impossible from 26th February 2024.

The Impossible Heir

Best Korean dramas in February

South Korean Television Dramas is adding an upcoming series, The Impossible Heir, starring Lee Jae-wook and Lee Jun-young. It is a thrilling corporate drama when the lead character, Kang In-ha finds out he is an illegitimate son of a rich conglomerate owner. However, his new family does not accept him as an heir so he partners with his childhood friend, Haan Tae-oh. Both of them decide on a plan to take over the business and get their share of the property. The Impossible Heir is starting on February 28th, 2024 on Disney+.

Marry My Husband

new k-dramas

Marry My Husband is an ongoing Korean drama serial on Amazon Prime Video. It stars Park Min-young, Na In-woo, Lee Yi-Kyung, and Song Ha-yoon in the lead roles. King Ji-won, Park Min-hwan, and Jung Soo-min are in a thrilling love triangle. Park Min-hwa is the husband and Jung Soo-min is the childhood best friend of Park Min-hwan. After getting into an affair, Soo-min and Min-hwan murder Ji-won. Following the murder, Ji-won goes back ten years in time to rewrite her destiny after knowing about her murder at the hands of her husband and best friend. Marry My Husband K-drama’s last episode will air on February 20th, 2024.

Captivating the King

new k-dramas

The new episodes of the Korean drama series, Captivating the King are releasing in February and March. It is a historical story of King Yi In and Kang Hee-Soo, a woman who disguises herself as a man to take revenge on the king. However, their fate was written differently. Kang Hee-Soo falls in love with the king and things continue to get complicated. Watch new episodes of Captivating the King on every Saturday and Sunday in February.

Doctor Slump

new k-dramas

A whole new enemies-to-lovers Korean Romance drama is Doctor Slump. It follows a series of vents when two high school rivals meet each other 10 years later in the toughest times of their medical careers.  It stars Park Shin-hye as Nam Ha-neul and Park Hyung-sik as Yeo Jeong-woo who turn their long-hate into love by unexpectedly running into each other after years. New Episodes of Doctor Slump will be premiered every Saturday and Sunday till March 16th, 2024.


These are the best Korean dramas that you should never miss out on in the coming month. They will fill your days with excitement, thrill, and fun. With a glamourous star cast, engaging plot lines, extreme twists and turns, and a promised entrtainmnet, you should not skip on these best Korean dramas or you will feel major missing in your life.

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